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I'm very appreciative for the quick responses and information [on my repair]. Besides her great work and wanting to support an independent artisan, another reason I chose Lisa for purchasing a wedding ring was the level of comfort and personal care I felt when dealing with her. I'm glad to see that I still feel that way even though she has expanded her business (I bought the ring when Lisa's shop was still in the little [studio] behind her actual house). Thanks again.

- Sam White
Seattle, WA

Sean Hill

lustrous resin meets sterling and vermeil

Sean Hill has created an extensive line of jewelry, incorporating gold, silver, sapphires and a special gem grade resin. In his own words: "I would describe my personal style, in silver or gold, as “neo-classical”. I love abstraction and complexity in art but when it comes to designs, I gravitate towards a more subdued expression, looking mostly for character, movement and classical beauty. Art pieces in jewelry must remain beautiful adornments that complement and enhance the body; they cannot be full of themselves or so arcane that they become disconnected from their true purpose."