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I received my ring a couple weeks ago & was very satisfied w/ the outcome. After I had examined it, I was very happy & amazed w/ the details. It was exactly what I had expected & you guys do your jobs well. Thank you for providing me w/ an unforgettable gift. My fiance & I are a really simple couple & the ring totally represents who we are. Again, thank you & hopefully we'll be able to do business again.

- Joseph Poblador
Stockton, CA

Damascus Steel Wedding Rings

An Old World metalsmithing artform

What are its origins?

The Damascus steel rings we offer you mimic ancient metalsmithing techniques believed to have originated in the Middle East, and used for centuries by Japanese sword-makers.

What is it made of?

Damascus Steel is a unique blend of up to 120 layers of two different types of stainless steel. The layers are twisted and folded by hand to produce vivid patterns. Available in black, dark gray, medium gray or light gray.

What distinguishes it from other wedding band materials?

The patterning is unique, so no two rings are alike (similar to our mokume rings). The look is beautiful and masculine.

Can I choose the pattern?

There are five custom Damascus steel patterns to choose from, some geometric, others inspired by animal prints.Damascus Steel Patterns
From left to right: Traditional, Flat Twist, Basketweave, Tiger, Zebra

What finishes can Damascus steel have?

Your one-of-a-kind Damascus steel ring can be polished to a smooth shine, it can be beadblasted to appear matte, or be darkened via an acid etch.
Damascus Steel Finishes
From left to right: Polish, Beadblast, Acid