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spring loaded Guitar Pick Holders

This guitar accessory keeps your pick close at hand

*Please note* This product has a $3000 minimum and a 4 month lead time.

Alternate instantly between picking and finger-style when playing the guitar with this innovative, patented new product that has been 15 years in the making.

Whether you are just learning to play the guitar or a seasoned guitarist, the FLiP! will hold your pick in the classic position and allow you freedom of expression and composition. As an added bonus, never lose your pick when working on the keyboard, spinning knobs or any other jammin' activity. Check out the video below!


If you're a guitarist who does live performances, you'll want to invest in a FliP!.  This is the one of the must have guitar accessories for your show.  This unique guitar accessory does not just keep your pick close at hand, it keeps it on your hand. Your live sound will be greatly improved, as the time from no pick to pick is less than a second.

This accessory can be used with electric guitars as well as acoustic guitars.  For a bass guitar pick, please inquire for special pricing.

If you were looking for the Jim Dunlop guitar pick holder, this is different.  This is worn on the hand for immediate access to your pick, whether you're in the middle of a performance, a recording, or just jamming with friends.

The Jam Kat was the original design by this designer, and it was a sleek, black nylon pick holder.  While the Jam Kat is not currently available, the FliP! still is, and only from Krikawa as the exclusive manufacturer. The Jam Kat was a spring loaded black guitar pick holder in a black plastic construction. The FliP! is a power loaded guitar pick holder. Black is an option.

If you want to do a product demo with this unique product, please inquire here.

Each FliP! is made to order in the materials and size you desire, so they are not ready to ship.  Perfect for gift giving, please allow 4 weeks for delivery, as each one is custom made by hand.

Watch this video on how to use the FliP!.

Can you use the FliP! with acoustic guitars?

You can definitely use this accessory with acoustic guitars.  As a matter of fact, having the pick so close at hand that it is actually on your hand gains you access to playing finger style, then alternating to strumming, seamlessly. It holds your standard pick of different thicknesses.

What about with electric guitars?

You can definitely use the FliP! with electric guitars too. While it is not as common to flip back and forth on the electric, a side benefit is that you can get amazing live sound using the metal right on the strings; get creative!

Do you have a bass guitar version?

Yes, there is a bass guitar accessory.  Please alloy an additional 2 weeks for the making of your bass pick holder.

Where can I see product demos?

There are product demos on you tube and various other sites.  If you would like to create your own product demo, please inquire online.

What materials are these available in?

You can order your FliP! in any precious metal.  If you had your heart set on the springloaded sleek black look, you can order it in a darkened stainless steel.  When it is added to your cart and ordered, you'll be contacted about customizing and finishes.  You can request your pick holder black at that time.
 - Sterling and Stainless FliP!   
 - 14k yellow gold and diamond FliP!

Is special financing available?

Yes! You can apply for special financing. Finanacing is available by inquiring online here.

Do you have international shipping?

Yes! Just speak with one of our specialists and we'll make sure your country is eligible to receive international shipments from the US.  Additional shipping charge will apply, and you will be responsible for customs and duties.

Are they ready to ship now?

Unfortunately, as each FliP! is made to order, they are not in stock and ready to ship.  This does allow you the luxury of customizing it to your desire!  You can add stones or logos to the bridge!

What happened to the black plastic version?

The original Jam Kat was made of black plastic construction and was quite popular.  Due to technical difficulties with manufacturing, construction of the nylon version has been put on hold until the technicalities are worked out. You can still get the springloaded sleek black look with a stainless steel FliP!

What else would you recommend as a gift for a guitar player?

While the FliP! is our #1 recommended gift for a guitar player, other things you might consider are guitar pedals, dunlop pick holders, or other interesting virtual instruments.  Some guitar players like using digital pianos to play with, or planet waves on wireless systems with audio interfaces.

Would this be a good gift for a DJ?

Believe it or not, this is a question we get.  While a DJ might use a guitar, we'd recommend DJ accessories such as DJ headphones, DJ software, or a DJ mixer for your gift.

What is the Jim Dunlop Spring Loaded Guitar Pick?

The Jim Dunlop guitar accessory will keep your picks close at hand, but not on your hand.  With an adhesive backing, dunlop pick holders can be stuck to anything.

Does Pick-Smith have other instruments or accessories?

Other items by this inventor do not include keyboard accessories, drum accessories, pa systems, pa speakers or dj accessories as previously offered.
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