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Make Your Own Engagement Ring or Wedding Band

DIY Engagement or Wedding Ring Workshop

DIY Make Your Own Wedding or Engagement RingGet one-on-one help making your very own wedding bands or engagement ring.  Work at your own pace in a private, luxury jewelry studio, with expert and patient instruction. No prior jewelry making experience necessary, although a love for working with your hands is a bonus.

For an amazing experience and an incredibly meaningful resulting piece of jewelry, if you are looking for the truly handcrafted engagement ring, wedding band or jewelry gift that you make yourself, consider an exceptional day long experience in the studio, one-on-one with Lisa Krikawa.

Check out these photo albums from 2020 workshops:  
diy Make your own wedding ring

The Process 

make your own wedding bandStart with a design session via Zoom.  This will happen a few days or weeks previous to your private DIY workshop, so you can make some decisions about what you are going to make, and what materials Lisa will need to have on hand.

On the big day, you'll start at a design station, to sketch out designs or look at images, to define exactly what you are going to make.  You'll finalize your materials and or stone choices at this time.

Moving into the fully equipped luxury jewelry workshop, you'll work one-on-one with Lisa to take whatever steps necessary to make your special piece.

Workshop Steps Might Include

  • make your own wedding band workshopMelting down metal
  • Pouring into an ingot mold
  • Rolling out on a rolling mill
  • Hammering
  • Sawing
  • Drilling
  • Stone Setting
  • Polishing
  • Texturing
  • Soldering

DIY wedding bandLisa will guide you through each step, demonstrating when necessary and remaining as hands-off as possible throughout the entire process. Any steps can be done by Lisa herself as well, if determined to be too tricky or delicate (such as the final setting of expensive stones or soldering delicate items).

Nothing can be more sentimental than a beautiful piece of jewelry that you handcraft yourself.

diy wedding band workshop

Suggested Projects

diy stone setting

Project Types 
  • Wedding Band Set (Fun for couples! Day price remains the same.)
  • Engagement Ring 
  • Birthstone Ring
  • Birthstone Pendant 
  • Diamond Charm



  • All materials are charged wholesale cost plus 15% (invoice plus 15%)

  • Minimum half day $600 (4 hours)
  • One day rate: $1000 (8 hours)
  • Each additional hour is $125

Group Size
  • Rates and materials are valid for group sizes up to 4 people.  Progress for each person is made at a slower rate than one-on-one.

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