Modern Three Stone Engagement Rings

One for You, One for Me, and One for Us

Choose an engagement ring from our collection of Modern Three Stone rings for a touch of extra brilliance, in a clean, modern design. Choose the stones, precious metals, and style of your ring, handcrafted and made-to-order by Krikawa master goldsmiths.
  • Modern Three Stone Bezel

    This stunning ring embraces a variety of shapes while keeping a clean, modern feel.

  • Modern Carved Curls Three Stone

    This is the modern version of the Mokume Carved Curls Three Stone Engagement Ring. Twelve sculptural curls form beneath the center stone setting.

  • Three Stone Channel Wave

    The flowing band wraps around the center stone with channels lined with diamonds. The two side stones are wrapped in elegant bezels of their own.

  • Three Stone Swirl

    The three bezels in this unusual engagement "swirl" around each other.

  • Three Stone Full Bezel

    A trio of brilliant, round, bezel-set gems in a wider band are the focal point of this stunning modern engagement ring.

  • Three Stone Semi Bezel

    This contemporary three stone engagement ring has semi-bezel settings for round diamonds or gemstones. The bezels graduate in size and connect to a band with a uniform width.

  • Cross Three Stone

    Share your faith with this three stone engagement ring. The setting has a band with framed, repeating cross symbols. The top two symbols are decorated with small stones (0.04 ctw).

  • Modern Three Stone Fancy Shapes

    This contemporary Modern Three-Stone Engagement Ring features a bezel-set round center stone and two hearts on each side. 3mm wide.

  • Modern Three-Stone - Cushion and Half Moon

    This contemporary Modern Three-Stone Engagement Ring features a bezel-set cushion-cut center stone and two half-moons on each side. 3mm wide.

  • Three Stone Prong

    A sleek, fluid band adds a touch of contemporary elegance to this stunning three-stone engagement ring.

  • Modern Three-Stone Cube

    Take your love to intergalactic heights with this futuristic engagement ring! The design features three cubic bezels atop a straight band. Princess-cut diamonds are set in the outer bezels and sides of the middle cube.

  • Three Stone Flush Baguette

    A designer three-stone engagement ring with a cushion-cut center stone supported by prongs and trapezoid side stones.

  • Three Stone Double Prong

    This traditional three stone engagement ring has split prongs which cradle a cushion shaped gemstone (blue sapphire pictured). Trapezoids are set on the sides of the center stone.

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