client photo I received the ring this morning and it is incredible. It made me cry. I have never owned such a magnificent piece of art before ... Thank you for all of your help. You were amazing!! I look forward to telling everyone I know about you, although, you will be hard to share. What a fabulous gift you have, and how much fun it must be to make your clients feel so special.

- Kim
Los Angeles, CA

Mokume Gane Rings 

Discover the Tapestry of Gorgeous Wood Grain Rings


Mokume Wedding Rings

Distinctive Collection.
World Class Craftsmanship.

These award-winning designs are the creative brilliance of designer, Lisa Krikawa. Her artistry and inspiration are etched into the distinctive craftsmanship of this collection.

The Krikawa mokume collection is the result of years of extensive training and experience. It’s a collection offering you the most spectacular mokume gane engagement and wedding rings in the world. Delight in the tapestry of colors woven into every Krikawa mokume gane ring.

Organic Design Offers Beauty from Every Angle

This organic design has an earthy quality. The patterns flow smoothly and freely like eddies in a river. As you turn your ring, the pattern changes. Its unique beauty is seen from every angle.

Get ready to be captivated by the exclusive Krikawa mokume pattern. Inspired by the human heart beat, the Krikawa mokume ring pattern is distinctive. The depth of the etches and the broadness of the pattern create its one-of-a-kind look. The pattern never repeats itself. It’s always moving and flowing.
Like a finger print, your ring may appear similar to another, but is never identical. Like you, your ring has its own personality. You let your personality shine through mokume choices and customizations.

Mokume Wedding and Engagement Ring with DiamondsTime Honored Traditions.
Award Winning Masterpieces.

Just one glance at a mokume gane ring and a world of understated elegance opens up before your eyes. You’ll find the artistry of a mokume gane ring intriguing and captivating. You’ll find yourself drawn to it over and over again.

Mokume-gane is derived from Damascas steel sword making. Layers of alternating colors of precious metal are fused, forged and patterne
d to create swirling images of color, a "wood-grain” in a sheet of metal. This technique created blades of great strength and durability.

Tradition and Artistry That’s One-of-a Kind

At Krikawa, you’ll find this ancient tradition honored. Its rich history is preserved. The artistry continues to live on in brilliant, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind works of art, a mokume gane ring. A Krikawa mokume ring is a magnificent display of:

  • Layers of alternating metal create a unique yet subtle palette.
  • Exquisite color combinations boast a richness and depth to every ring.
  • Varying shades of metal forming a palette of expression for your ring.

Your mokume ring is organic in design. Through the meticulous process of pounding and sanding, a unique design is etched into every ring. Rich colors with magnificent depth emerge as the metals are fused and forged together.