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I finally received the ring about an hour ago and the only thing I can say is, Oh My GOD! The ring looks amazing, fantastic and any other word found in the thesaurus. The quality is incredible and I'm almost too excited for her to see it, I'm not sure if i can wait for the "right moment" to actually ask her rather than just pulling it out like, "HEY LOOK!

- Lou Schisler
Sumper, SC

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Krikawa, Where Your Dream Ring Comes True

Krikawa Jewelry Designs is a world class jewelry design house helping individuals around the world create custom, one-of-a-kind engagement and wedding rings.  Krikawa is considered one of the best jewelry designers in the country.
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About Krikawa

Krikawa Jewelry Designs is a web-based custom ring design studio that creates one-of-a-kind engagement and wedding rings for customers around the world. Krikawa is also known worldwide as a top designer in Mokumé Gané.  Krikawa's exquisite designs showcase this ancient Japanese metal which is the precious metal version of damascus steel.  Krikawa continues in that tradition using the beautiful forged metals as inlays in its custom wedding jewelry. An expert design staff helps clients to design unique engagement and wedding rings that express their individuality, while the manufacturing team carefully creates each ring with cutting edge technology combined with old-world hand craftsmanship.
LisaFounded in 1998 by Lisa Krikawa, now showcases hundreds of unique designs that are made to order one at a time.  Considered by the jewelry industry to be an authority on custom jewelry design, Krikawa’s works have has been featured in many articles and Ms. Krikawa has spoken at several industry events. responsible jewelry

As a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, Krikawa is a socially conscious firm that continues to raise the bar in responsible jewelry practices. Lisa Krikawa confirms, “We are here to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We believe in social responsibility, the functionality of art, and buying from businesses who are honorable.”

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