Create Your Dream Ring With Krikawa

Let Us Help You Customize Your Perfect Ring

Personalized Engagement RingsPersonalization is all in the details. Your handcrafted engagement or wedding ring will tell a story. It’ll reveal a bit of your personality and reflect on a chapter of your life. What story will your ring tell? What’s special or uniquely you? What details do you want to include? Set the stage for your ring’s story with personal details and embellishments. Call 1-888-KRIKAWA or email us today for guidance and suggestions.

Gain inspiration for your ring by exploring options for personalization including:Hand Engraved Wings
  • Birthstones
  • Meaningful symbols
  • Constellations - Imagine sparkling gemstones instead of stars
  • Astrological signs
  • Family crests and coat of arms
  • Personal symbol or words
  • Initials as a sculptural part of the bandPersonalize your ring with birthstones
  • Your own handwriting for revealing the text

A Ring With Personality

Precious metal choices for custom wedding and engagement ringsYour ring can reflect your personality or have one all its own.  A variety of metal embellishments and finishes are yours to choose from.  Color is always an important consideration.  Color can evoke emotion and make a powerful statement. 

Get ready to choose from a full range of colors with brilliant metals, sapphires, diamonds, birthstones and other gemstones.  At Krikawa, you can add the perfect hint of color to any ring.
Creating a ring unique to you means a whole host of options.  From embellishments, to engraving and accent stones to the shape of your ring, your ring will tell a story meant only for you.

Setting and Sparkle

Rainbow of sapphires for engagement ringsHave you discovered the perfect gemstones for your ring?  Get ready to let our experts help you find the perfect setting.  Your ring will be able to let in the right amount of light; creating the perfect amount of sparkle.  Your setting can protect your ring from wear and enhance even the most modest center stone.  From multiple prong to semi-bezel to channel or pave set, you’ll have plenty of options. You can find the right combination of support, spacing and light. 

Your handcrafted ring will be the one you’ll wear forever.  You want it to have the right profile, so it feels comfortable on your hand.  Your ring needs to transition well from all aspects of your life.  Choose the shape best for your lifestyle and style preferences. Your perfect fit may be:
  • Round
  • European Shank
  • Squared Shoulders
  • Square Cushion
  • Custom Shapes

Let your handcrafted ring tell a story as unique as you are. Personalize your ring and make the most of every detail.