client photo I've been looking forward for the arrival of the ring and it finally arrived this afternoon at 1630hrs Singapore time. The ring is awesome and it's beautiful beyond description. Over dinner earlier with my family members, I've proposed to my fiancée and she had accepted my proposal to be her life partner. I would like to say a very big heartfelt Thank You to you and team Krikawa for making this special moment in my life possible.

- Freddie Ling


From Sketch to Rendering to the Final Piece

We create computer renderings for brand new designs, or extreme modifications to existing designs, as a complimentary service. Please keep in mind that additional renderings beyond the first two are $200 each. In order for us to handcraft your unique ring exactly to your specifications, we ask that you approve these renderings before your ring enters production. You may also request a rendering for other designs for a fee.

Computer Renderings of Juicy Light Engagement Ring
Above: Juicy Light Engagement Ring with Pink Spinel and Trigold Mokume Gane
Computer Rendering of Mokume Borealis Engagement Ring
Above: Mokume Ribbon Three Stone Engagement Ring with Blue Sapphire
Computer Rendering of Mokume Wave Engagement Ring
Above: Mokume Wave Engagement Ring with Fancy Yellow Diamond
Computer Rendering of Snowflake Engagement Ring
Above: Snowflake Artistic Engagement Ring
Computer Rendering of Tree of Life Engagement Ring
Above: Tree of Life Unique Engagement Ring

Computer Rendering of Mokume Pave Swirl Engagement Ring
Above: Mokume Pave Swirl Engagement Ring