Two Tone Wedding Rings

Modern Simplicity in Two Colors

Two Tone Wedding Ring Collection

These unique men's wedding bands are a perfect way to combine two metals, in a stripe, a line, or just a hint of color.  Add a flare to a wide wedding ring or a delicate touch to a narrow wedding ring with a two-tone wedding ring design. The two colors are a perfect symbol of your union!

Pick your colors from platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or green gold, and have the two-tone wedding ring of your dream made to order in the size and width that suits you best.

  • Side Stripe Wedding Band
    Side Stripe

    This contemporary wedding band is a combination of two precious metals. Choose two contrasting metal colors of your choice.

  • Two Tone Wave Wedding Band	Two Tone Wave Wedding Band	 - top view
    Two Tone Wave

    This modern wedding ring combines two kinds of metals. The line where they meet ebbs and flows around the band. Pick two contrasting metal colors or a more subtle pair.

  • Center Gold Inlay Band Center Gold Inlay Band - top view
    Center Gold Inlay Band

    A gold stripe is perfectly balanced in the center of this simple band. choose your stripe metal (14k yellow, white or rose gold)

  • Wide Two Tone Wedding Band
    Wide Two Tone

    This wide wedding band features clean lines and distinct finishes!

  • Textured Two Tone Wedding Band
    Textured Two Tone

    Contrasting colors and textures make this wedding band unusual. This modern design features a strip of brushed metal around the inner ring, which is made of a different metal.

  • Flush Unity Interlocking Wedding Set
    Flush Unity Wedding Set

    This is a great solution to an interconnected wedding ring set for him and her. These rings incorporate partial symbols on two separate rings. When placed side by side the entire symbol is revealed.

  • Center Stripe Band
    Center Stripe Band

    This simple wedding band has a 2mm stripe of a second metal that runs around the center.

  • Grooved Two Tone Mens Wedding Band Grooved Two Tone Mens Wedding Band - top view
    Grooved Two Tone Mens

    This classic two tone men's wedding ring is modernized with a groove between the colors; choose from a matte groove or a darkended groove for maximum contrast.

  • Three Vertical Stripe Inlay Wedding Band Three Vertical Stripe Inlay Wedding Band - top view
    Three Vertical Stripe Inlay

    This simple wedding band has three stripes of a different metal from your band metal that go vertically across the top of the ring.

  • Double Stripe Two Tone Wedding Band
    Double Stripe Two Tone

    This sleek wedding band has two inlaid stripes. Custom order with your pick of two metals, or ask us about which combinations have the best color contrast!

  • Double Inlay Band
    Double Inlay Band

    Not only can you pick the metal for the band itself, but you also get to decide if you want 14k white, yellow or rose gold stripes to be inlaid

  • Flat Darkened Groove Gold Inlay Band
    Flat Darkened Groove Gold Inlay Band

    Flat in shape, this band has darkened grooves that rest on either side of the 2mm 14k gold stripe in the center.

  • Darkened Groove Gold Inlay Band
    Darkened Groove Gold Inlay Band

    A 2mm 14k gold stripe is inlaid in the center of this band. A groove that has been darkened rests on either side of the inlay.

  • Beveled Edge Groove Gold Inlay Band
    Beveled Edge Groove Gold Inlay Band

    The beveled edges of the band lead up to the grooves which surround the 14k yellow, white or rose gold inlay in the center of the band.

  • Two-Tone Center Band
    Two-Tone Center Band

    A precious metal stripe contrasts a metal band, with textured grooves adding unique style, made to order and handcrafted in the metals of your choice.

  • Deco Rounded Two Tone Wedding Band
    Deco Rounded Two Tone

    This Art Deco inspired wedding band has a gentle curve on the top level. With three steps, it mimics the architectural designs from the Deco era.

  • Two Tone Square Wedding Band  	Two Tone Square Wedding Band - top view
    Two Tone Square

    This ring has alternating metals around the band, broken up by hollow circles.

  • Two Tone Knife Edge Wedding Band
    Two Tone Knife Edge

    This modern wedding band is shaped like the tapered edge of a knife blade. The point has a different type of metal flush inlaid around the ring.

  • Deco Flat Two Tone Wedding Ring
    Deco Flat Two Tone

    Deco Flat Mens Two Tone Wedding Band

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