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Truly Telling Your Love Story With Personal Symbols

Below are some examples of how to personalize a unique engagement ring or wedding band. *Pricing varies depending on location, complexity and size of symbol--ask your Design Consultant for details.*

Recessed Symbols

Customizing wedding bands

Chinese hanzi or Japanese kanji may convey your love through the use of one character. The two custom wedding bands on the left have the characters etched inside and outside the band. Shown on the very right is the character representing love. Please provide camera ready artwork (black and white image) for your unique symbol(s).Symbol Rendering

Any symbol can be etched onto the outside or the inside of the band. Renderings are created before production to confirm size and placement. The background is sandblasted, so there is nice contrast between the symbol and the surface. Background of symbol can be left matte, or can be darkened. 


Raised Symbol

Reverse Etched Symbolcustom jewelry rendering with symbol
Any symbol can be represented by an etched background. When using this technique, raised rails are recommended, as shown. The background is sandblasted, so there is nice contrast for the symbol. Background can be left matte, or can be darkened. For custom symbols, a rendering will be created for your approval.


Sculptural Symbols

piano ringdolphinFor a completely three dimensional result, the ring or jewelry is created out of the symbol. This may take many different forms. It can be labor intensive and results in a spectacular miniature sculpture.



Constellations & Astrological Signs

Constellation Rings

Customize your ring with the constellation representing your astrological sign! These celestial wedding bands and engagement ring have sparkling gemstones in place of stars. Orion, Pleiades and Taurus are represented by flush-set fancy color diamonds and sapphires. Please provide a graphic showing the constellation you would like to show on your constellation wedding ring!


Family Crests

crest ringssymbol ring
Another personal symbol you may like in your ring is the family crest. On the left is a coat of arms in 18K gold with a ruby. Create your own Men's Crest Ring! On the right is a Japanese family crest in a Platinum mokume gane wedding band. Please provide camera ready artwork (black and white image).


Tattoo-Inspired Imagery

tattoo inspired rings
Tattoo graphics often translate well into jewelry. These wedding bands were based on images clients sent us of their tattoos. Please provide camera ready artwork (black and white image). If that is not available, you can take advantage of our graphic design services.


Musical Symbols

Musical Symbol Rings
Is there a tune that is meaningful to you and your loved one? Are you musically-inclined? Have a music staff sampling of your favorite sheet music etched into a custom ring. Start customizing your own Musical Symbol Wedding Ring! Please provide the graphic of the musical phrase you would like in your wedding ring.


Your Own Personal Symbol

mountain symbol bridal set
This unique ring set features a mountain symbol on both rings. The snow-capped mountain is etched inside the band of the engagement ring, and inlaid as two metals in the men's wedding band. Please provide camera ready artwork (black and white image) for your unique symbol ring.


Carved Letters

carved letters
carved letter

Carved Symbol

You may also have initials handcrafted as a sculptural part of the band. The palm-side of these Delicate Leaf Engagement Rings have initials integrated into the band. Please provide camera ready artwork (black and white image) of the letter or letters you would like incorporated into your ring.
Three dimensional letters carved into custom ring


Design Your Own Word Ring

ring fontsdesign your own wedding band
Text may serve as the focus of the ring. Pictured are the available fonts for designing your own word ring. Start designing your own word wedding band!
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