What Size Center Stone?

Relative Stone Sizes and Shapes

Searching for the perfect engagement ring, but not sure what it will look like with the center stone size that you've selected?  Here are some images to help you choose the perfect sized center stone.  We've listed the carat weight in diamond, as well as the diameter in millimeters.  A one carat sapphire will have a smaller diameter than a one carat diamond, so keep an eye on the dimensions of your stone!

Center Stone Size Relative to Hand

How big is a round diamond

Here is a great image to help you visualize what different diameter stones look like.

For your easy reference, here are the equivalent diamond carat weights that correspond to the millimeter diameters. 

Keep in mind that a 1 carat sapphire will have a smaller diameter than a 1 carat diamond, however, you can easily compare how a 6mm sapphire will look compared to a 6mm diamond, so keep the dimensions in mind!

Approximate Round Diamond Weights
2mm:  0.03 ct round diamond
3mm:  0.10 ct round diamond
4mm:  0.25 ct round diamond
5mm:  0.50 ct round diamond
6mm:  0.90 ct round diamond
7mm:  1.25 ct round diamond
8mm:  2.00 ct round diamond
Princess cut sizes on the hand

How Big is That Princess Cut?

Princess cut diamonds and sapphires have a different look.  Here is a chart showing how big your square stone will look on your hand.

Again, keep in mind that a diamond and a sapphire with the same carat weight will have a different diameter!
2.0mm:  0.05 ct princess cut diamond
3.0mm:  0.15 ct princess cut diamond
3.5mm:  0.25 ct princess cut diamond
4.0mm:  0.40 ct princess cut diamond
5.0mm:  0.75 ct princess cut diamond
6.0mm:  1.20 ct princess cut diamond
7.0mm:  2.00 ct princess cut diamond
8.0mm:  3.20 ct princess cut diamond

Center Stone Relative to Band Width 

solitaire stone comparison relative to band width
This image will help you visualize what the different stone sizes look like on different band widths.
  • 8mm stone (2.00ct) on 6mm wide band
  • 7mm stone (1.25ct) on 5mm wide band
  • 6mm stone (0.90ct) on 3mm wide band
  • 5mm stone (0.50ct) on 3mm wide band
  • 4mm stone (0.40ct) on 2mm wide band

What About Other Sizes, Shapes and Band Widths?

We'd love to help you picture the stone size you have in mind, on the ring of your dreams.  Just let us know what you are thinking of and we'll help you out with some pictures!

Some things to keep in mind:
  • Any given size stone will look relatively bigger on a size 4 finger than on a size 9 finger!
  • All different stone types have different specific gravities, which means you cannot compare carat weight to carat weight and think it will look the same.  Pay attention to millimeter diameter!
  • Darker colored stones appear smaller than white diamonds, so if you are considering a smaller stone, you might go just a step bigger for a darker, colored stone.

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