Unique Engagement Rings

Exquisite and Handmade Just For You

unique engagement rings

Create a unique engagement ring with Krikawa, where artistry meets craftsmanship.
Each ring is made one at a time, a masterpiece made to order, meticulously crafted to reflect your style and love story.
Looking for unique men's engagement rings? Not to worry, we make those as well!


Explore Our Unique Engagement Ring Designs


The Nature Collection

Nature Engagement Ring Designs

This unique nature engagement ring collection is crafted with elements of the natural world, like leaves, vines, and floral patterns.

Each ring is handmade to fulfill the desire of the discerning client.

The nature-inspired rings shown here are set with a lab-created alexandrite, a natural fancy pink diamond, and an aquamarine.

 The Vintage Style Collection

Vintage Engagement Ring Designs

This Vintage Style engagement ring collection draws inspiration from the unique elements of decorative antique rings, such as millegraining, pierced galleries, and scalloped halos.

Whether you love Edwardian, Art Deco, or Boho, you're sure to find the details you want in your ring.

The unique rings shown here were made with Moissanite, lab-created peach sapphire, and a natural diamond.

 The Luxury Collection

Luxury Engagement Ring Designs

Get ready to be mesmerized by our jaw-dropping designs, creatively incorporating curves and secret symbols into a work of art that would captivate even the genius of DaVinci.

These women's rings are an ode to luxury and opulence, celebrating your love with grandeur.

This exquisite collection features fancy yellow diamonds, mokume gane, and pave-set diamonds that scream luxury. Take them as inspiration, or personalize one of our designs to your taste.

 The Unique Solitaire Collection

Unique Solitaire Engagement Ring Designs

Our unique solitaire designs redefine classic elegance.

Unique, innovative, and petite, these rings transform traditional choices into something original and true to the woman you love, making a bold statement with a touch of sophistication.

Unique gemstone choices make these designs shine. A lab-created or salt-and-pepper diamond might make your ring stand apart. They're great diamond engagement rings for women, as well!

 The Unusual Collection

Unusual Engagement Ring Designs

For those who dare to be different, we offer a collection of unique and unusual rings reflecting your inner being and individuality.

Extraordinary diamonds add a touch of brilliance and rarity to these exceptional rings.

The quickly growing demand for lotus, infinity, twist, and music-inspired rings keeps us on our toes!

 The Non-Traditional Collection

Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Collection

Embrace your creativity and love for all things imaginative with our non-traditional collection.

This collection inspires the bold soul with fantasy, architecture, space, and artistic creations.

Whether a two-stone ring called Toi et Moi or a galaxy-inspired ruby and diamond mokume ring calls your woman's name, your true inspiration may start from this collection.

 The Modern Collection

Modern Engagement Ring Designs

Simplistic elegance takes center stage in our modern engagement ring collection.

With perfect lines, curves, and negative space, these rings encapsulate the essence of contemporary jewelry design, capturing the beauty of simplicity.

The Bauhaus movement deconstructed design into the simplest forms, and this modern collection does the same.

Is it a bypass, a semi-bezel, or a three-stone you desire? Let our designers pare it down to the perfect line.

 The Classic Collection

Classic Engagement Ring Collection

Tradition never goes out of style, and our classic engagement rings are a testament to that.

Timeless diamond rings in white gold, rose gold, or platinum have a special place in the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts, transcending generations.

We delight in the challenges of perfecting a simple solitaire, creating the perfect halo, and handcrafting a simple but elegant three-stone.

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Why Choose Krikawa?
Our custom design process is simple
and we are committed to delivering
a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Experience 5-star service
and world-class craftsmanship.


Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Make an educated diamond selection with the help of your design consultant, or gain insight from our Diamond Buying Guide. Your diamond will shine with your love and reflect your style and personal values.

diamond shapes

 Diamond Shape and Size on Hand
What do different diamond shapes and sizes look like on a hand? Check out our diamond shape chart. What shapes are available in natural GIA-certified diamonds? Check out all the diamond shapes.

lab created diamonds

 Lab-Created Diamonds 
Growing in popularity, lab-created diamonds are available in various shapes and sizes. 

Express your love with an affordable diamond grown in a lab, not in the earth.

moissanite for engagement rings

 Comparing Diamond Alternatives
Moissanites are a popular alternative to diamond. 
Learn more about Moissanite and other alternatives like white sapphire and cubic zirconia.


Unique Sapphire and Gemstone Engagement Rings

Make a statement with a favorite color or gemstone. Select your stone from our incredible online collection, or let your design consultant scour the earth for the perfect gem.

sapphires for engagement rings
Sapphires: A Rainbow of Colors
Did you know that sapphire comes in many colors, including green, pink and yellow? Learn more about blue and fancy-colored sapphires, and search our extensive inventory of exquisitely cut stones.
rubies for engagement rings
Lab-Created Gemstones
Rubies and emeralds are not just for royalty.  Be your own queen and choose a rich ruby.  Whether natural or lab-grown, the timeless red will inspire you for a lifetime.
accent stone choices for engagement rings
Accent Stone Choices Galore 
Bring your splash of color with accent stones! Whether fancy colored diamonds or blue and pink sapphires, colored accent stones can make a statement and dazzle your ring.


The Engagement Ring Design Process

Finding the perfect bridal ring can be overwhelming, but with Krikawa, the design process becomes unforgettable. Create a unique, handmade engagement ring for a woman that reflects your style and taste, symbolizing your everlasting love and devotion. Each couple deserves a unique piece of jewelry, so we specialize in crafting beautiful, timeless, and unforgettable engagement rings for women, regardless of whether it’s a popular delicate style or a more avante-guard bezel style.

Man holding a woman's hand, displaying a unique engagement ring on her finger

Step One: Gain Inspiration
Explore our vast portfolio of unique engagement ring styles.

Step Two: Book a Free Design Appointment 
A dedicated Design Consultant will help you finalize and confirm your choices.

Step Three:  Be Delighted
Your exquisite heirloom will tell your love story and you'll never forget your joy-filled experience designing your unique ring with Krikawa. 
design your own ringHow to Design Your Own Ring
Let us guide you on the path.  Our extensive custom ring guide can help you make choices one by one. If you prefer "face-to-face" our dedicated designer will walk you down the path.
rose gold, yellow gold, green gold
Precious Metal Choices
Choose the precious metal color that you love and that serves your lifestyle. Working with Krikawa gives you an extensive palette - from rose, white and yellow gold to green gold and platinum!

pick the right ring size

Ring Size Perfected
You want your custom ring to fit perfectly.  Krikawa's exclusive ring sizing process assures that! We'll send you sizing rings in the size and width you want, so you can confirm a perfect fit for your hand.


Experience the Joy of Creating a Unique Engagement Ring

Designing your engagement and wedding rings with Krikawa is an experience. The process of crafting a ring that perfectly embodies your love story is both joyful and meaningful. It's a celebration of your unique bond and an expression of your devotion to one another. Our expert team will guide you through every step, ensuring your vision becomes a reality. Witness the transformation of raw materials into a breathtaking symbol of your love, and relish the joy of creating something your partner will cherish for a lifetime.

unique ring design team

three stone swirl engagement ring

 What type of ring setting is perfect for your chosen stone? From prong settings to bezel-set and unique sculptural settings that scream “I’m one-of-a-kind!” our artists and illustrators will work with your vision to design a ring setting that suits your aesthetics and lifestyle.

A vintage-style emerald engagement ring or nature-inspired gold diamond cluster engagement ring awaits your command. Are you looking for an art nouveau marquise diamond ring or a black diamond halo engagement ring? These are the words that inspire and delight our designers! 


Celebrate your love with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind engagement ring that perfectly captures your unique story. Visit our custom engagement rings page to learn more about the easy design process and start creating the ring of your dreams today!

Perhaps it’s a delicate champagne diamond engagement ring or a 14k rose gold blue sapphire engagement ring you’re looking for? Whether you want a woman's white gold wedding ring for the perfect bridal set, a vintage floral design with grey diamonds, or a fantasy diamond signet ring, it’s all in the realm of possibilities.

unique engagement ring rendering



Choose Your Perfect Center Stone

Fancy colored diamonds

The center stone is the heart and soul of your engagement ring, and we offer an array of stunning options. Whether you prefer GIA-certified white diamonds for their brilliance, conflict-free diamonds for their ethical appeal, or the alluring colors of gem-quality sapphires, we’ll uncover the perfect stone to suit your taste and preferences. 

Because of our virtual inventory of unusual diamonds and gemstones, you are not limited by what we own.  Your design consultant will carefully curate your stone options. 

For those seeking a touch of elegance and rarity, we also provide an internationally curated collection of natural fancy-colored diamonds, color-enhanced diamonds, and lab-created fancy color diamonds that exude timeless beauty.

diamonds for unique engagement rings


Should you choose a classic or unusual stone cut? From round brilliant cut diamonds, pear cuts to rose cut diamonds, and European cuts to Asscher, your classic or rare cut is just one free design consultation away.

Curious about lab-created diamonds vs. natural diamonds? Wondering about Moissanite? We’ll help you make the best decision for you, and whether grown in a lab or grown within the earth, your white diamond will have certification boasting its origins, either way.

Are you thinking of a non-traditional stone? From salt and pepper diamonds to moss agate or pearls, our creative consultants are excited to make your dream a reality.  Know that you’ll receive guidance and education if choosing stones with lower durability than diamonds and sapphires.

stones for unique engagement rings


Provide Your Own Heirloom Stone

Already have a cherished heirloom diamond? No problem! We can create the perfect unique engagement ring to complement your woman's precious stone. 

heirloom diamond


Your Love Is Unique - Your Engagement Ring Should Be Too

Bride embracing groom, her arms wrapped around his neck, showcasing engagement ring.
At Krikawa, we understand that your love is one-of-a-kind, and your forever ring should reflect that uniqueness. Each woman's engagement ring and wedding band we create is carefully handcrafted to order, ensuring every detail meets your preferences and desires. You can start with one of our portfolio designs or let your imagination run wild with a concept from scratch. Choose the perfect diamond or gemstone that speaks to your heart, and personalize every aspect of the ring to create a symbol of love that is truly yours.
Raving 5-Star Reviews!

With over 10,000 happy couples worldwide, our reputation speaks for itself. We take immense pride in delivering exceptional customer service and world-class design. Our customers' rave reviews testify to the passion that goes into every unique ring we create. Experience firsthand why our customers love us.
BBB Ethics Award Winner

Krikawa takes responsible practices seriously. Our Ethics Award from the Better Business Bureau is one way to express our intent.  We are a leader in responsible practices, including inclusive practices for lovers of all colors, nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take pride in our craftsmanship and commitment to our clients satisfaction. With our guarantee, we stand behind the quality and beauty of every engagement ring and wedding band we create. Your happiness is our top priority, and we guarantee you will be thrilled with the result.

Man holding a woman's hand, displaying a unique engagement ring on her finger

Read for Yourself - A Recent 5 Star Review

"Over the moon with this gorgeous custom solitaire engagement ring from Krikawa. We worked with Mica and Lindsey who were both amazing. I was able to bring a reference photo and request every little nit picky detail I could dream up. The result is incredible and I am so, so pleased. What a treat to be involved in the design of your own ring! I selected a pear-shaped moissanite stone, despite hearing that shape will snag on clothing constantly. I was determined to just deal with it carefully for the rest of my life because I loved the shape so much. Well, when we picked up the ring, I was pleasantly surprised how smooth the ring felt, even on the point! Mica informed us that every ring is thoroughly checked for snag-factor before delivery. Guess what? It's completely snag-free, even with sweaters that I carelessly shove my ring hand through. It just glides right over clothing. The ring itself is comfortable to wear and came with a beautiful wooden box. The rose gold came out gorgeous and subtle... I just love it! Every detail is just perfect. Every part of the experience was perfect. 10/10 for Krikawa and their team. Can't wait to come back for our wedding bands."  - Savanna S


Design Your Unique Engagement Ring

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Unique Engagement Ring Collections:

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Why Choose Krikawa?
Our custom design process is simple.
We are committed to delivering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Experience 5-star service and world-class craftsmanship.

Choose with care, choose with love, choose Krikawa.

Recent Unique Engagement Ring Creations:

  • Boho Claw Engagement Ring Boho Claw Engagement Ring - top view
    Boho Claw

    This legendary, bohemian claw ring embodies your real life fairy tale.

  • Mixed Shape Snowdrift Engagement Ring Mixed Shape Snowdrift Engagement Ring - top view
    Mixed Shape Snowdrift

    This romantic ring illustrates falling snow through accent diamonds. A gorgeous center stone is further accentuated by the flurry of diamonds edging down the band.

  • Hexagon Petite Trinity Engagement Ring Hexagon Petite Trinity Engagement Ring - top view
    Hexagon Petite Trinity

    This elegant design evokes an extravagant feeling with bold lines and intricate details.

  • Floral Whimsy Engagement Ring Floral Whimsy Engagement Ring - top view
    Floral Whimsy

    Elegant and whimsical, this nature-inspired design features leaves and flowers that beautifully frame the center stone with a brilliant halo of diamonds.

Twisted Leaf Solitaire Engagement Ring Twisted Leaf Solitaire Engagement Ring - top view
    Twisted Leaf Solitaire

    Petite vines and leaves accent this nature inspired engagement ring.

  • Scattered Mixed Shape Cluster Engagement Ring Scattered Mixed Shape Cluster Engagement Ring - top view
    Scattered Mixed Shape Cluster

    The brilliant pear diamond stands out proud while being supported by champagne clusters of diamonds.

  • Birdwatcher Engagement Ring Birdwatcher Engagement Ring - top view
    Bird Watcher

    As a symbol of new beginnings, this custom engagement ring is a beautiful start to your next chapter in life.

  • Plum Blossom Engagement Ring Plum Blossom Engagement Ring - top view
    Plum Blossom

    A herald of spring and symbol of perseverance and hope, petite plum blossoms are scattered across the top and sides of this hand textured floral engagement ring.

  • Juicy Solitaire Engagement Ring Juicy Solitaire Engagement Ring - top view
    Juicy Solitaire

    Fresh, simple lines showcase your center stone to perfection, accented with brilliant pave set diamonds.

  • Perfect Halo Engagement Ring Perfect Halo Engagement Ring - top view
    Perfect Cushion Halo

    This lovely halo engagement ring features a prong-set center stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds or gemstones in a square head.

  • Vintage Leaf and Vine Engagement Ring Vintage Leaf and Vine Engagement Ring - top view
    Vintage Leaf and Vine

    Create your own unique, vintage-style leaf ring with the gold and stones of your choice.

  • Juicy Light Engagement Ring Juicy Light Engagement Ring - top view
    Juicy Light

    Sculptural prongs set a cushion-cut sapphire into a Mokume Gane band adorned with diamonds. This unique handcrafted engagement ring is made to order.

  • Secret Pave Halo & Cushion Center Engagement Ring Secret Pave Halo & Cushion Center Engagement Ring - top view
    Secret Pave Halo

    A secret halo of diamonds sits below your center stone on this modest yet intricately adorned handcrafted engagement ring.

  • Hummingbird Engagement Ring Hummingbird Engagement Ring - top view

    This intricate engagement ring features a carved hummingbird with gem accents and wings cradling a center stone, handmade in the stones and metals you choose.

  • Perfect Cathedral Engagement Ring Perfect Cathedral Engagement Ring - top view
    Perfect Cathedral

    A classic design gets a special Krikawa twist with a comfort band, fishtail set diamonds and a peekaboo diamond side stone set within the elegant cathedral beneath the center stone.

  • Carved Wave Light Engagement Ring Carved Wave Light Engagement Ring - top view
    Carved Wave Light with Diamonds

    A thin band swirls around the bezel in this asymmetrical engagement ring. Paved gemstones are set by the center stone.

  • Mokume Solitaire Tapered Engagement Ring Mokume Solitaire Tapered Unique Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Solitaire Tapered

    This handcrafted ring features a Mokume Gane band and a subtle taper meeting a solitaire stone. Simple and enchanting, this wedding band is made to order.

  • Two Stone Mokume Engagement Ring Two Stone Mokume Engagement Ring - top view
    Two Stone Mokume & Diamond

    Double the artistry with this mokume engagement ring featuring two center stones embraced by a bridge of pave diamond accents.

  • Mokume Diamond Silhouette Engagement Ring Mokume Diamond Silhouette Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Diamond Silhouette

    This mokume engagement ring has a silhouette of paved diamonds. The center stone is set into a rolled semi-bezel. The band curves and tapers towards the palm-side. 0.36 ctw accent stones.

  • Old World Solitaire Engagement Ring Old World Solitaire Engagement Ring - top view
    Old World Solitaire

    A true work of art that will last a lifetime and become that special heirloom piece you treasure for generations.

  • Open Lotus Mandala Engagement Ring Open Lotus Mandala Engagement Ring - top view
    Open Lotus Mandala

    This open lotus mandala design celebrates the peace you found with your partner. In Hinduism mantras, the lotus is a symbol of enlightenment.

  • Mokume Carved Curls Three Stone Engagement Ring Mokume Carved Curls Three Stone Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Carved Curls Three Stone

    Similar to its predecessor, the Carved Curls Engagement Ring, this luxury ring's band is inlaid with mokume gane.

  • Mokume Falling Water Bridal Set Mokume Falling Water Bridal Set - top view
    Mokume Falling Water Set

    Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous designed home, Fallingwater, This beautiful engagement ring features four round and two princess cut stones.

  • Twisted Leaf Engagement Ring Twisted Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Twisted Leaf

    Leaf-inspired ring featuring a leaf shaped prong basket cradling your stone. Cathedral-style setting shines, surrounded by accent stone with a twisted band.

  • Simple Tree Branch Engagement Ring Simple Tree Branch Engagement Ring - top view
    Simple Tree Branch

    Symbolic of your eternal love and growth, this simple tree branch engagement ring showcases your solitaire stone within elegant branches that rise up from the band.

  • Embracing Tree Branch Bezel Engagement Ring Embracing Tree Branch Bezel Engagement Ring - top view
    Embracing Tree Branch Bezel

    As you walk through the forest, beams of light twist around the trees. The organic patterns of the branches twist and curl into each other.

  • Mokume Princess Kite Engagement Ring Mokume Princess Kite Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Princess Kite

    This designer engagement ring has a princess-cut diamond set diagonally to its mokume band. The sharp lines of the princess-cut and the angled taper of the band make this a modern ring.

  • Three Stone Juicy Light Engagement Ring Three Stone Juicy Light Engagement Ring - top view
    Three Stone Juicy Light

    Luxurious and sculptural, this is the three stone version of our signature Juicy Light Engagement Ring.

  • Vintage Scrollwork Rose Engagement Ring Vintage Scrollwork Rose Engagement Ring - top view
    Vintage Scrollwork Rose

    This vintage engagement ring is elegant and floral with hand-carved scrollwork design for an airy, lighter feel. The rose petals wrap and embrace the center solitaire stone.

Vintage Three Stone Scrollwork Engagement Ring 
Vintage Three Stone Scrollwork Engagement Ring - top view
    Vintage Three Stone Scrollwork

    A remarkable design that combines nature and symbols of your eternal love.

  • Cascading Luxury Vintage Engagement Ring Cascading Luxury Vintage Engagement Ring - top view
    Cascading Luxury Vintage

    Luxurious details and impeccable craftsmanship unite in this vintage style engagement ring.

  • 	Belle Époque Engagement Ring 	Belle Époque Engagement Ring - top view
    Belle Époque Scaffolding

    Inspired by Moulin Rouge, this stunningly intricate handcrafted engagement ring scaffolds to hold your wedding band with delicate diamond paved curls.

  • Elizabethan Engagement Ring Elizabethan Engagement Ring - top view
    Tudor Relic Pave

    Inspired by royalty during the Elizabethan Age, this ring is fit for a Queen. Opulence exudes with pave diamonds embellished on every angle.

  • Mandala Engagement Ring Mandala Engagement Ring - top view

    A beautiful symbol of the universe and unity, the mandala comes to life with the brilliant variety of gemstone and diamond shapes and sizes that make up the unique halo!

  • Elegant Lotus Carved Curls Engagement Ring Elegant Lotus Carved Curls Engagement Ring - top view
    Elegant Lotus Carved Curls

    Our wider mokume gane ring design, adorned with accent diamonds, highlights the sculptural beauty of the lotus. Your favorite diamond or gemstone nestles within its delicate petals.

  • Lion's Mane Engagement Ring Lion's Mane Engagement Ring - top view
    Lion's Mane

    A lion’s mane symbolizes majesty, courage, and spirituality.

Bubble Cocktail Mokume Ring Bubble Cocktail Mokume Ring - top view
    Bubble Cocktail Mokume Ring

    Brilliant diamonds float like bubbles around the large center stone!

  • Sunburst Halo Gatsby Engagement Ring Sunburst Halo Gatsby Engagement Ring - top view
    Sunburst Halo Gatsby

    Be transported to the grand parties where the stars and champagne sparkle. The extravagance of this ring showcases a classic tale of opulence and love.

  • Two Tone Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring Two Tone Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring - top view
    Two Tone Vintage Art Deco

    A beautiful blend of angles and curves, this deco design is ready to be customized in the metals and stones you love!

  • Art Deco Halo Engagement Ring Art Deco Halo Engagement Ring - top view
    Art Deco Halo

    A beautiful combination of interesting shapes, accents and details!

  • Oval Three Stone with Pear Prong Engagement Ring Oval Three Stone with Pear Prong Engagement Ring - top view
    Oval Three-Stone With Pear Prong

    With a Luxurious profile, the bold stone takes center stage, being raised up by two-toned prongs.

  • Beaded Claddagh Diamond Engagement Ring Beaded Claddagh Diamond Engagement Ring - top view
    Beaded Claddagh Diamond

    Glamourizing an Irish classic is the Beaded Claddagh Engagement Ring.

  • Deluxe Snowflake Engagement Ring Deluxe Snowflake Engagement Ring - top view
    Deluxe Snowflake

    Each love story is unique like each snowflake that falls from the sky.

  • Floral Bouquet Light Engagement Ring Floral Bouquet Light Engagement Ring - top view
    Floral Bouquet Light

    Grow your love in a garden she will wear every day! Shown here with an oval pink sapphire. What sapphire or diamond would you love in your flower halo engagement ring.

  • Vintage Old World Engagement Ring Vintage Old World Engagement Ring - top view
    Vintage Old World

    Delicate and elegant, this vintage inspired engagement ring is intricately handcrafted and made to order with classic swirls and paved diamonds.

  • Gothic Lace Snowflake Gothic Lace Snowflake - top view
    Gothic Lace Snowflake

    A towering Gothic cathedral can now be worn with this hand-crafted engagement ring.

  • Three Stone Channel Wave Engagement Ring Three Stone Channel Wave Engagement Ring - top view
    Three Stone Channel Wave

    The flowing band wraps around the center stone with channels lined with diamonds. The two side stones are wrapped in elegant bezels of their own.

  • Trinity Weave Engagement Ring Trinity Weave Engagement Ring - top view
    Trinity Weave

    Woven with love, this unique ring features a trinity of polished and diamond or gemstone accented bands.

River Twist Engagement Ring With Alexandrite And Spinel River Twist Engagement Ring With Alexandrite And Spinel - top view
    River Twist Marquise

    A river of spinel gemstones flows beneath the stunning lab-created alexandrite!

  • Carved Wave Engagement Ring Carved Wave Engagement Ring - top view
    Carved Wave

    An organic flowing design, the Carved Wave Engagement Ring winds gracefully around your finger and around the diamond or gemstone in waves and eddies.

  • Modern Scaffolding Engagement Ring Modern Scaffolding Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Scaffolding

    This unique contemporary engagement ring is designed to scaffold around a wedding band (priced separately). The wedding band cleverly slides in between the two plain bands of the engagement ring.

  • Modern River Twist Engagement Ring Modern River Twist Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern River Twist

    A simplified, modern version of our classic River Twist Engagement Ring this engagement ring features a solitaire stone set at an angle and suspended above a polished band.

  • Modern Vintage Engagement Ring Modern Millegrain Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Vintage

    Unique Modern Engagement Rings Designed around your Diamond or Sapphire. Award Winning and Unusual Designs.

  • Musical Phrase Princess Engagement Ring Musical Phrase Princess Engagement Ring - top view
    Musical Phrase Princess

    Wear the song that sings to your soul!

  • Elfin Knot Engagement Ring Elfin Knot Engagement Ring - top view
    Elfin Knot

    An intricate woven knot emerges from the solid band and frames the center stone.

  • Celtic Knot Engagement Ring Celtic Engagement Ring - top view
    Celtic Knot

    With a crown setting and heart-shaped stone inspired by a Claddagh, this Celtic engagement ring's band is a traditional knot carved from precious metal.

Eagle Engagement Ring Eagle Engagement Ring - top view

    Make her heart soar with this eagle engagement ring!

  • Dolphin Engagement Ring Dolphin Engagement Ring - top view

    This sculptural engagement ring shows a dolphin elegantly supporting a center diamond. The dolphin's head is decorated with a channel of diamonds, and its eyes are fancy color diamonds.

  • Peacock Engagement Ring Peacock Engagement Ring - top view

    Enchanting and vibrant like the birds that inspire it, this Peacock Engagement Ring has hand-carved details and unique design elements.

  • Mokume Double Wave Engagement Ring Mokume Double Wave Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Double Wave

    This handcrafted ring is made to contour to your flush-set stone. Mokume and two channels of accent stones make this ring spectacular.

Mokume Galaxy Kiss Engagement Ring Mokume Galaxy Kiss Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Galaxy Kiss

    Be bold and brilliant with this dynamic engagement ring.

  • Diamond Orbit Engagement Ring Diamond Orbit Engagement Ring - top view
    Diamond Orbit

    The Diamond Orbit Engagement Ring is a celestial work-of-art. Have it with a raw diamond or pearl, with your favorite accent stones flush-set in the band.

  • Raindrop Dazzle Engagement Ring Raindrop Dazzle Engagement Ring - top view
    Raindrop Dazzle

    Dazzle her with diamonds that glitter like raindrops on this double-band engagement ring!

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