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Boho Engagement Rings

A Whimsical Feel for the Bohemian Soul

Boho Engagement Ring

The Boho style celebrates being out in nature and letting go. Loose braids with daisies, barefoot in the mountains, and a hand-crafted attitude towards life. This trending style celebrates what makes you unique with our one-of-a-kind ring styles.

  • Ultimate Leaf Engagement Ring Ultimate Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Ultimate Leaf

    A petite design with an airy, light feel, perfect for any nature lover.

  • Floral Bouquet Marquise Engagement Ring Floral Bouquet Marquise Engagement Ring - top view
    Floral Bouquet Marquise

    An enchanting bouquet of flowers is the setting for this classically romantic engagement ring.

  • Birdwatcher Engagement Ring Birdwatcher Engagement Ring - top view
    Bird Watcher

    As a symbol of new beginnings, this custom engagement ring is a beautiful start to your next chapter in life.

  • Mermaid Waves Diamond Ring Mermaid Waves Diamond Ring - top view
    Mermaid Waves Diamond Ring

    Like the mythical creatures of the sea, this unique ring possesses captivating beauty.

  • Scattered Mixed Shape Cluster Engagement Ring Scattered Mixed Shape Cluster Engagement Ring - top view
    Customizable Snowdrift

    The brilliant pear diamond stands out proud while being supported by champagne clusters of diamonds.

  • Lotus Bud Engagement Ring Lotus Bud Engagement Ring - top view
    Lotus Bud

    Spring will bloom for eternity with this floral engagement ring!

Vintage Leaf Engagement Ring Vintage Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Vintage Leaf

    The spirit and beauty of nature captured in a simple, elegant engagement ring.

  • Branch Cluster Engagement Ring Branch Cluster Engagement Ring - top view
    Branch Cluster

    A ring that celebrates your playful nature! A band made of intertwining branches holds a variety of stones.

  • Large Leaf Engagement Ring Large Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Large Leaf

    This sculptural engagement ring has leaves wrapping around marquise diamonds.

  • Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring - top view
    Twisted Solitaire

    This simple solitaire engagement ring has a twist to it. Just before it reaches the stone, the band twists once on each side.

  • Mandala Engagement Ring Mandala Engagement Ring - top view

    A beautiful symbol of the universe and unity, the mandala comes to life with the brilliant variety of gemstone and diamond shapes and sizes that make up the unique halo!

  • Gothic Lace Snowflake Gothic Lace Snowflake - top view
    Gothic Lace Snowflake

    A towering Gothic cathedral can now be worn with this hand-crafted engagement ring.

A free-spirited traveler dancing barefoot in the desert.

Whimsical and unique as you admire their eclectic designs and old soul.

Adorn with organic treasures and off-beat colors that are in tune with Mother Nature.

The golden hour shines over papyrus grass and a handmade flower crown.

A vision of a creative artist that celebrates their bohemian love story.

Boho style has a focus on travel, nature, and vintage appeal. Painting a vivid image, you can imagine someone who is resistant to the daily grind. Young lovers play their acoustic guitars with other singer-song-writers. They circle around a campfire with their vintage Air-Stream trailers. These artists craft hand-knitted blankets as they sleep under the stars.

Boho celebrates romance and that wonderous feeling of a fluttering heart. Like the Rustic style, it's more of an ascetic rather than direct nature elements. Crafting and Do-It-Yourself culture are essential with layers of color and texture. Boho fashion is directly inspired by the hippies of the 60s and 70s with a celebration of everyone. Overlapping patterns and a relaxed view use vintage elements of fashion and decor. Materials are usually more breathable with organic cotton and wool yarn knitted macrame.

Rock & Roll influenced the Boho style, as well. Without the harsh edges of the leather and ear-shaking guitar riffs, the soul of rock & roll still lives. The open road and the freedom to rebel are still prevalent. Boho takes those elements and softens them. Beatnik poetics inspires this style with their curiosity and urge to live a colorful life.

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