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Cross Section

Customize the shape of your ring profile. "B" is our standard profile (second from the left); it is comfort fit next to the finger and gently rounded on the outer edge. 
ring profile
A. Flat
B. Standard
C. Heavy
D. Oval
E. Half Round (5mm)
F. Half Round (3mm)
G. Round (2.5mm)
H. Knife Edge

Finger Hole Profile


What shape will your ring's finger hole profile be? The inside of our rings are all comfort-fit, but the outside can be shaped like shown:


Symbol Wedding Band
  • Our most common finger hole profile is a traditional circle

European Shank

Mokume Flush Stone Solitaire
  • The base of the ring is slightly squared-off and flat
  • Great for top-heavy rings because they add extra weight

Squared Shoulders

Mokume Solitaire Engagement Ring Sonoran Ring

  • The top half of the ring is slightly squared-off
  • Customize the angle of the shoulders


Mokume Diamond Wedding Band

  • The shank is softly squared at each corner
  • May be wider at top, or perfectly symmetrical
  • Wedding bands can spin freely around the finger

Custom Shapes

Unique Mokume Engagement Ring Unusual Mokume Engagement Ring
  • Many of our ring designs have one-of-a-kind finger hole shapes
  • We offer computer renderings with different views, including the finger hole profile, for new designs!
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