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Flower Engagement Rings

Your Custom Diamond Engagement Flower Ring

floral engagement ring
Choose a diamond engagement ring with different diamond shapes or a diamond halo. The wedding band you choose to go with your flower ring can also show the detailed beauty of the flower. Realistically handcrafted with the precious metals and stones of your choice by Krikawa master goldsmiths. Look through our collection or contact us for your own made-to-order design.
  • Floral Bouquet Light Engagement Ring Floral Bouquet Light Engagement Ring - top view
    Floral Bouquet Light

    Grow your love in a garden she will wear every day! Shown here with an oval pink sapphire. What sapphire or diamond would you love in your flower halo engagement ring.

  • Plum Blossom Engagement Ring Plum Blossom Engagement Ring - top view
    Plum Blossom

    A herald of spring and symbol of perseverance and hope, petite plum blossoms are scattered across the top and sides of this floral engagement ring.

  • Mokume Lotus Blossom Engagement Ring Mokume Lotus Blossom Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Lotus Blossom

    A symbol of purity and devotion, the beautiful lotus blossom is a perfect token of your love and marriage.

  • Twisted Rose Engagement Ring Twisted Rose Engagement Ring - top view
    Twisted Rose

    An elegant twisting band leads up to a blossoming rose with your favorite solitaire stone at its center! Consider a black diamond?

  • Flower Bouquet Engagement Ring Flower Bouquet Engagement Ring - top view
    Floral Bouquet

    Wear a bouquet of flowers on your ring finger! Shown with rose gold flowers and green gold leaves surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

  • Wide Vintage Rose Engagement Ring Wide Vintage Rose Engagement Ring - top view
    Wide Vintage Rose

    A beautiful rose blooms from a band which is lined with 2.5mm round diamonds and has gorgeous engraving along the edges.

  • Daisy Delicate Leaf Engagement Ring With Yellow Sapphire Daisy Delicate Leaf Engagement Ring With Yellow Sapphire - top view
    Daisy Delicate Leaf

    Like a blooming daisy, a vibrant yellow sapphire center sparkles within the white palladium petals!

  • Vintage Rose Engagement Ring Vintage Rose Engagement Ring - top view
    Vintage Rose

    This intricate engagement ring features a rose blossom with a prong-set center diamond or gemstone. The band has millegrained beading and pave-set diamonds.

  • Flower Halo Knot Engagement Ring Flower Halo Knot Engagement Ring - top view
    Flower Halo Knot

    Paved diamonds in a knotted halo surround the center stone. The band is also glittering on this beautiful diamond ring.

  • Rose Poppy Daisy Engagement Ring Rose Poppy Daisy Engagement Ring - top view
    Rose Poppy Daisy

    Daisies, poppies, and a rose cradle the sparkling center stone; millegrain bead accents run along the band, handmade with the metals and stones of your choice.

  • Simple Rose Engagement Ring
    Simple Rose

    This engagement ring would be a traditional four-prong solitaire if it weren't for its roses! The roses and mounting can be made in the different metals of your choosing.

  • Mokume Rose Blossom Engagement Ring Mokume Rose Blossom Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Rose Blossom

    Signature Mokume Gane in white, with a palladium band and a rose gold blossom cradling the center stone make this gorgeous handcrafted diamond ring unlike any other.

  • Lotus Bud Engagement Ring Lotus Bud Engagement Ring - top view
    Lotus Bud

    Spring will bloom for eternity with this floral engagement ring!

Flowers have been used for thousands of years to show love and romance. The giving of flowers is common to express feelings of love and care, making the flower the perfect symbol for love, and a perfect way to give your special someone a flower is on a diamond ring!

Roses show many things, depending upon the color of the rose.  A red rose is the perfect gift from one lover to another, as it represents lasting passion. A daisy is the symbol of innocence and purity, and is also the holy and untouchable flower of Freya in Norse mythology.
engagement ring and wedding ring photo with flowers
Whatever flower you put on your engagement ring, whether it is a rose, a poppy, a daisy, an orchid, a tulip, or other flower, you can choose one that is special to you.

Each of our floral engagement rings are created by hand, to order.  So your wedding ring can be white gold, rose gold, platinum, green gold, or even some other beautiful combination.  For gemstones, you can select the classic white diamond, or dream up a whole arrangement of flowers, represented by pink sapphire, red ruby, or yellow sapphire!  With green emerald leaves, you'll be sure to make heads turn!

Design your own custom flower engagement ring

Do you have a special idea for creating your own flower engagement ring?  Contact our design staff.  We're excited to help you design something special, from scratch. 

Your design consultant will enlist the help of our very talented sketch artist to create the design you are dreaming of!  Once the sketch is to your liking, you'll receive a rendering showing the ring in perfect proportions from all angles before we start handmaking it.
Express your love with a one of a kind flower engagement ring.
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You’ll be quite-taken by our simple custom design process, dedication and a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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