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Floral & Flower Wedding Bands

A Bouquet of Roses for Your Forever Ring

Floral and Flower Wedding Bands

A garden grows with a steady rhythm of care and patience. A gardener’s devoted process is rewarded with blossoms, a labor of love’s ephemeral fruits. Our collection of Flower and Floral wedding bands captures the beauty of your garden with engraved flowers and elegant details inspired by lush trellises and forms of flora.

Choose one of our designs and pick precious metals, stones, and details. Create your own Floral and Flower wedding band with Krikawa’s unique custom and made to order process. Our rings are guaranteed and unmatched in quality. Design your dream ring today!

  • Western Rose Floral Wedding Band Western Rose Floral Wedding Band - top view
    Western Rose Floral

    A wedding band that celebrates the beauty and strength of your love. The desert rose is a flower that can withstand harsh conditions but stays radiant and strong.

  • Delicate Leaf and Flower Diamond Wedding Band Delicate Leaf and Flower Diamond Wedding Band - top view
    Delicate Leaf & Flower Diamond

    Unique wedding band, adorned in diamonds, reminiscent of nature. Delicate floral motifs and gracefully twisted curls intertwine along a band of diamonds.

  • Poppy Curls Wedding Band Poppy Curls Wedding Band - top view
    Poppy Curl

    This delicate wedding band features intricate poppy flowers entwined with shimmering diamonds, evoking the whimsical dance of nature's blossoms.

  • Swirling Blossom Wedding Band Swirling Blossom Wedding Band - top view
    Delicate Blossom

    This continuous ring is adorned with an array of multicolored sapphires and diamonds, each securely nestled within a swirling bezel that frames a delicate blossom.

  • Ring O' Roses with Diamonds Wedding Band Ring O' Roses with Diamonds Wedding Band - top view
    Ring O' Roses with Diamonds

    Feminine and floral, this sculptural wedding band is wrapped with individually placed roses. Each rose is handcrafted with a sparkling diamond at its center.

  • Western Floral Diamond Wedding Band
    Western Floral Diamond

    This custom wedding band features our Western floral design. Diamonds accent each pierced symbol.

  • Five Rose Engagement Ring Five Rose Engagement Ring - top view
    Five Rose

    Love is in bloom with this floral engagement ring.

  • Ring o' Roses Wedding Band
    Ring o' Roses

    This sculptural wedding ring is made of roses. Each flower is handcrafted and planted on the inner band with love.

  • Rose Trio Wedding Band with Diamonds Rose Trio Wedding Band with Diamonds - top view
    Rose Trio with Diamonds

    This floral wedding band has three roses planted on top. Each rosebud contains a prong-set diamond or gemstone.

  • Flower Diamond Wedding Band
    Flower Diamond

    This sculptural wedding ring undulates and has a flower on each section where the band tapers. Channel-set diamonds accent the organic band.

  • Rose Trio Wedding Band Rose Trio Wedding Band - top view
    Rose Trio

    This floral wedding band has three roses planted on top.

  • Flower Wedding Band

    This organic wedding ring undulates, with a flower planted on each part where the band tapers.

  • Delicate Tulip Diamond Wedding Band
    Delicate Tulip

    Stylized tulips feature pave set diamonds in this nature-inspired wedding band. Custom order your own with your preferred stones and metal type.

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