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Wildlife Wedding Bands

Birds, Beasts and Other Animals or Insects for Your Custom Wedding SetWildlife Wedding Bands

From birds to wolves, insects and bears... what wildlife speaks to you? Create your own unique wildlife wedding bands with the stunning artistry of Krikawa Custom Jewelers. Start with your idea for an animal, bird or insect, and work with our talented designers to create the perfect wedding ring or wedding band set.  Each ring is custom-made to order, so the sky- or the land or the water - is the limit!
  • Mountain Wildlife Wedding Band with Raised Relief Mountain Wildlife Wedding Band with Raised Relief - top view
    Mountain Wildlife With Raise Relief

    Gaze upon the magnificence of this mountain band, a genuine marvel of craftsmanship and grace. Intricately engraved mountain ranges and wildlife.

  • Mountain Wolf Wedding Band Mountain Wolf Wedding Band - top view
    Mountain Wolf

    Mating for life, wolves are powerful symbols of loyalty and trust and perfect for a nature-lovers wedding band!

  • Bear Cross Nature Wedding Band
    Bear Cross Nature

    This artisan wedding band has engraved fir trees, bears, and a cross. The sky is smoothly polished. Send us a picture or sketch of a nature scene that has special meaning for you!

  • Mountain Bear Buffalo Wedding Band Mountain Bear Buffalo Wedding Band - top view
    Mountain Bear Buffalo

    Create the perfect landscape on your wedding band!

  • Bear Wedding Band Bear Wedding Band - top view

    This handcrafted ring is hand-engraved with mountains, a fishing bear, and a soaring eagle, and inspired by the Alaskan wilderness.

  • Giraffe Skin Wedding Band Giraffe Skin Wedding Band - top view
    Giraffe Skin

    Love the gentle giants of the African savannas? This textured wedding band features the spotted pattern of the giraffe.

  • Lion Grapevine Satyr Wedding Band Lion Grapevine Satyr Wedding Band - top view
    Lion Grapevine Satyr

    Primal and symbolic, this wedding band features intricately detailed lion and satyr figures accented with grape leaves and vines.

  • Shark Skin Wedding Band Shark Skin Wedding Band - top view
    Shark Skin

    Wear a band replicating the remarkable teeth-like pattern of a shark's skin!

  • Dragonfly Wedding Band with Diamonds Dragonfly Wedding Band with Diamonds - top view
    Dragonfly with Diamonds

    This wedding band is made for the Dragonfly Engagement Ring. It is flush-set with eight diamonds, and segmented like the body of the winged creature.

  • Dragonfly Symbol Wedding Band
    Dragonfly Symbol

    Sparks fly around this pair of dragonflies in love. Price does not include the Chinese characters inside the pictured band.

  • Native American Claw and FeatherWedding Band Native American Claw and FeatherWedding Band - top view
    Native American Inspired Claw and Feather

    This organic wedding ring has two eagle feathers and two bear claws and is inspired by our love for Native American symbols.

  • Feather Embrace Wedding Band Feather Embrace Wedding Band - top view
    Feather Embrace

    Two intricate, hand-carved feathers make up the band of this natural wedding ring as they sweep around and embrace at two points. Small accent stones add a touch of brilliance to the feathers.

  • Feather Wedding Band

    Detailed feathers overlap and wrap around this wedding band.

  • Honeycomb Wedding Band

    This wedding band features hexagonal shapes that wrap the entire band and create an interesting, scientific pattern design.

  • Honeycomb With Diamonds Wedding Band
    Honeycomb With Diamonds

    Scattered diamonds sparkle from the intricate hexagonal patterned band.

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