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Fantasy Engagement Rings

Your Custom Fantasy Ring will be a Dream Come True

futuristic planetDreams can come true by customizing a perfect engagement ring. This collection of engagement rings celebrates a world based on literature and creativity. There's a ring for everyone from elven rings, royalty, lore, and the stars beyond our world.


Rivendale Cathedral Engagement Ring 
Rivendale Cathedral Engagement Ring - top view
    Arched Cathedral

    Gemstone studded bands flow and weave themselves around this ethereal engagement ring.

  • Mermaid Waves Diamond Ring Mermaid Waves Diamond Ring - top view
    Mermaid Waves Diamond Ring

    Like the mythical creatures of the sea, this unique ring possesses captivating beauty.

  • Juicy Western Power Ring Juicy Western Power Ring - top view
    Juicy Western Power Ring

    Show off your strength, resilience, and uniqueness with a custom power ring made just for you!

  • Alien Elegance Scaffolding Engagement Ring Alien Elegance Scaffolding Engagement Ring - top view
    Alien Elegance Scaffolding

    This beautiful scaffolding ring is otherworldly. Alien-esque prongs support a large center stone. Shown with black diamond accent stones.

  • Modern Queen of One Engagement Ring Modern Queen of One Engagement Ring - top view
    Fantasy Queen

    Feel majestic with the Fantasy Queen Engagement Ring. This sculptural ring was inspired by dazzling royal jewels.

  • Snowflake Engagement Ring Snowflake Engagement Ring - top view
    Artistic Snowflake

    Six princess-cut diamonds surround a round brilliant cut diamond on this snowflake inspired, handmade engagement ring. Each is unique and made to order.

  • Stepped Castle Engagement Ring Stepped Castle Engagement Ring - top view
    Stepped Castle

    . Featuring a mixture of accent stone shapes and sizes the both wrap around the band and center stone. Even the prongs are sent with baguette diamonds!

  • Brilliant Wave Three Stone Engagement Ring Brilliant Wave Three Stone Engagement Ring - top view
    Fantasy Wave Three Stone

    Like a tidal wave of luxury, this organic ring design features three distinct stones wrapped in ribbons of pave set diamonds.

  • Spiral Galaxy Pave Engagement Ring Spiral Galaxy Pave Engagement Ring - top view
    Fantasy Swirl

    Like the stars in a spiral galaxy, the paved diamonds in this ring extend outwards. Three bezel-set diamonds decreasing in size decorate the arms of the spiral.

  • Sputnik Engagement Ring Sputnik Engagement Ring - top view

    The Sputnik Engagement Ring has ten diamond-accented arms that spin around the center stone! The unusual design was inspired by the Russian satellite.

  • Tribal Pave Engagement Ring Tribal Engagement Ring - top view
    Tribal Pave

    This artistic engagement ring is inspired by tribal tattoo imagery. Paved diamonds accent the top half of the ring. Pair it with the original Tribal Wedding Band.

  • Gentle Hand Embrace Engagement Ring Gentle Hand Embrace Engagement Ring - top view
    Gentle Hand Embrace

    Reach out your hand and embrace your future with the one you love with this Gentle Hand Embrace Engagement Ring.

  • Mokume Rose Petal Engagement Ring Mokume Rose Petal Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Rose Petal

    Inspired by a fairy tale and love story, this ring makes us all believe in happily ever after!

  • Three Stone Tree Branch Ring
    Three Stone Tree Branch Ring

    Symbolic of your loves eternal growth, three brilliant stones shine out from within the branches

  • Shooting Star Light Engagement Ring Shooting Star Light Engagement Ring - top view
    Shooting Star Light

    This Shooting Star Light Engagement Ring symbolizes your wishes come true! The center stone is set in a diamond-accented star, with extra sparkle on the tail.

  • Shooting Star Engagement Ring Shooting Star Engagement Ring - top view
    Shooting Star

    A ring to match the brilliance of a shooting star, this diamond engagement ring represents the motion of the stars above us, as a reminder to never stop.

  • Sun and Moon Engagement Ring Sun and Moon Engagement Ring - top view
    Sun and Moon

    This custom engagement ring evokes day and night with its warm and cool hues. A diamond in a prong setting is adorned by bead-set blue sapphires. The bezel rests on a two-tone band.

  • Lion's Mane Engagement Ring Lion's Mane Engagement Ring - top view
    Lion's Mane

    A lion’s mane symbolizes majesty, courage, and spirituality.

  • Gothic Lace Snowflake Gothic Lace Snowflake - top view
    Gothic Lace Snowflake

    A towering Gothic cathedral can now be worn with this hand-crafted engagement ring.

  • Galaxy Engagement Ring Galaxy Engagement Ring - top view

    A sculptural work of art that showcases your solitaire to perfection!

  • Elfin Knot Engagement Ring Elfin Knot Engagement Ring - top view
    Elfin Knot

    An intricate woven knot emerges from the solid band and frames the center stone.

Mokume Galaxy Kiss Engagement Ring Mokume Galaxy Kiss Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Galaxy Kiss

    Be bold and brilliant with this dynamic engagement ring.

Mythology carries many stories about strength, curiosity, and love. These creatures started by referencing a real animal. Adding layers and depth to the story created these mystical beasts. The Lion's Mane ring can symbolize the wise and courageous lion from The Chronicles of Narnia. A mermaid started as a mirage of a beautiful woman for lost sailors. These beautiful creatures are now seen as more than trickers and a symbol of elegance and beauty.

Queens of fairy tales are powerful and luxurious women. They are worshipped and admired like goddesses as they rest on their thrones. Engagement rings of this magnitude gift you the opulence to live your life as the Queen you are.

With famous wood-dwelling creatures, elves are delicate, clever, and mysterious. Based on fantasy literature, they are designed with curvy and whimsical shapes. The shapes of Botanics, rivers, and their language transition into the design process. These beautiful and graceful designs are stunning while remaining dainty.

Soaring into the cosmos, the space-inspired rings shine like many stars. These rings can vary in style. Engagement ring designs can be very modern, vintage-inspired, organic, and structural. Admire the beauty of the galaxy.

Celebrate your creativity by designing the ring of your dreams. Our design team will guide you on how to create your fantasy ring. Please schedule an appointment today so our friendly staff can grant your wish!
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