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Signet Rings

A Symbol of Family, Love, and Leadership

wax seal signet rings

A signet ring is a true classic. Once a staple of any noble gentleman's wardrobe, signet rings have a rich history as a form of personal signature. Beyond reproducing the wax seals of correspondences, a signet ring depicts a symbol, group affiliation, or some imagery dear to the wearer. 

Let us build your signet ring, a personal heirloom that stamps your legacy. Choose the symbols that represent you: your graduating class, your family crest, or any design that you desire. With Krikawa's unique custom and made-to-order process, we will handcraft a signet ring bespoke to you.

  • Mokume Signet Ring Mokume Signet Ring - top view
    Mokume Signet Ring

    The ancient mark of nobility, the Mokume Signet ring represents generations of family, cultures, religion, and life. Now you can wear your symbol proudly.

  • Wing Signet Ring Eagle Signet Ring - top view
    Wing Signet Ring

    Your handcrafted and bespoke signet ring is made at Krikawa. The wings of an eagle, a sword, and traditional heraldry symbols lead to a personalized engraving.

  • Crest Ring Crest Ring - top view
    Unique Customized Crest Ring

    A unique band for a wedding or just everyday. Hand-engraved by a master engraver with your own crest. The center stone is flush set. Tapers from 13mm to 5mm at the palm.

  • Fibonacci Signet Ring Fibonacci Signet Ring - top view
    Fibonacci Signet Ring

    This signet ring is etched with the Golden Spiral and symbols referencing Fibonacci's Sequence. Handcrafted and perfect for mathematics-enthusiasts!

  • Celtic Knot Men's Ring Celtic Knot Men's Ring - top view
    Celtic Knot Men's Ring

    This awesome ring has a trinity knot on the side of the center stone. trilliant stone in the center. At the bottom of the band is Elvish engraving.

  • Sonoran Ring Sonoran Ring - top view
    Sonoran Men's Ring

    This masculine turquoise men's ring ring is geometric and asymmetrical in design. It is inlaid with turquoise and princess-cut garnets--gemstones found in our Sonoran Desert.

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