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Leaf And Vine Engagement Rings

Botanical Garden Art for Your Lover

leaf and vine engagement rings
Designed by garden-loving artists, our collection of leaf-inspired wedding bands captures the intricate beauty of natural forms, from a delicate leaf to a thriving, vibrant trellis. All of our rings are perfectly handcrafted by Krikawa master goldsmiths.
  • Twisted Leaf Engagement Ring Twisted Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Twisted Leaf

    Delicately carved leaves cradle the solitaire stone of this organically-styled and unusual engagement ring, handmade and made to order by Krikawa.

  • Oak Leaf Engagement Ring Oak Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Oak Leaf

    Like two perfect leaves have fallen from high up on a magnificent oak tree and perfectly landed to accentuate your simple engagement ring.

  • Oak Leaf Cathedral Engagement Ring In White Gold Oak Leaf Cathedral Engagement Ring In White Gold - top view
    Oak Leaf Cathedral

    A classic design that brings in the beauty of nature in a subtle, organic way.

Twisted Leaf Solitaire Engagement Ring Twisted Leaf Solitaire Engagement Ring - top view
    Twisted Leaf Solitaire

    Petite vines and leaves accent this nature inspired engagement ring.

  • Delicate Leaf Engagement Ring Delicate Leaf Unique Engagement Ring - top view
    Delicate Leaf

    This design is inspired by nature and features a stylized leaf design. The curving tendrils of the band embrace eleven accent diamonds. The setting is a modified prong setting with carved detailing.

  • Swirl and Curl Engagement Ring Swirl and Curl Engagement Ring - top view
    Swirl and Curl

    Swirling rows of brilliant stones curl through this lovely engagement ring, with the ability to truly make a moment special.

Vintage Leaf Engagement Ring Vintage Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Vintage Leaf

    The spirit and beauty of nature captured in a simple, elegant engagement ring.

  • Goddess Diamond Wreath Engagement Ring Goddess Diamond Wreath Engagement Ring - top view
    Goddess Diamond Wreath

    Swirls of leaves and brilliant gems intricately sweep along the band and encircle the center stone of this unique engagement ring.

  • Garden Trellis Engagement Ring Garden Trellis Engagement Ring - top view
    Garden Trellis

    In the Garden Trellis Engagement Ring, the center stone is partially wrapped by leaves. Bead-set diamonds add sparkle to them, with bezel-set stones following the channels.

  • Goddess Wreath Engagement Ring Goddess Wreath Engagement Ring - top view
    Goddess Wreath

    This organic engagement ring features leaves that wrap around a center diamond or gemstone. The branches making up the band intertwine like in a goddess' wreath.

  • Vintage Wreath Engagement Ring Vintage Wreath Engagement Ring  - top view
    Vintage Wreath

    Vintage-inspired, this organic and elaborate handcrafted engagement ring features a wreath of sculpted leaves surrounding a cathedral-style set stone.

  • Antique Style Leaf Pave Engagement Ring Antique Style Leaf Pave Engagement Ring - top view
    Antique Style Leaf Pave

    An exquisitely hand engraved band tapers into a setting of diamond encrusted "leaves" that frame the center diamond. Handcrafted around your center stone and ring size.

Why is a leaf and vine perfect for an engagement ring?

A relationship grows and blooms. Love winds it's way through your heart, and grows bigger and more solid as it ages. Celebrate your partnership with a ring that holds the symbols of love, hope and renewal.

What does the leaf symbolize?  

A leaf is a symbol of growth and fertility.  A leaf can also symbolize hope and renewal. There are many traditions that use leaves in their symbolism.  The Chinese tradition uses leaves in the Cosmic Tree to symbolize wholeness.

What is the most famous leaf in history?

Perhaps the most famous leaf of all time would be in the parable of Adam and Eve, in which Adam, upon feeling shame for his nakedness, covered himself with a leaf.

What is the most symbolic leaf type?

An oak leaf is one of the most symbolic leaves in western culture.  From a tiny acorn, a huge oak is born, representing potential.

What is botanical art?

Artists have been drawing flowers, leaves and trees as far back as 40,000 years ago.  The earliest symbols of mankind include cave paintings with trees.  Botanical art became well established in the Age of Discovery (15th-18th centuries), when illustrations of all different kinds of plants were made, not just for artistic reasons, but also for scientific inquiry and cataloging.

What is it about plants that captures the attention of artists?

The fractal nature of plants and leaves is intriguing.  Think of a fern with it's ever repeating spiral leaf structure, or an ivy plant with long arcing arms and tendrills. The graceful curves and endless shapes of leaves are simply mesmerizing.

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