Tree Wedding Rings

Tree of Life, Bark, Branch and Forest Rings

treeEach piece in our collection of Tree Wedding Rings complements Krikawa’s Tree of Life Engagement Rings. Rich engraved wood grain and branches are carved with precision and detail, capturing the arboreal imagery that best reflects your deeply-rooted love.
  • Contoured Tree Of Life

    Embrace your engagement ring in lovely branches that symbolize your love's eternal growth. A touch of nature you keep with you forever!

  • Tree Of Life Cross

    Our popular Tree of Life Wedding Band gets a lovely cross symbol.

  • Tree Of Life Cross With Stones

    A cross symbol shines from our classic Tree of Life Wedding Band with channel set stones.

  • Palm Tree Diamond Beach

    Take a trip to a picturesque beach every time you glance down at your hand!

  • Embracing Branch

    A simple tree branch wedding band inspired by nature and symbolic of your loves continued growth. Perfect with our Tree of Life Engagement Rings!

  • Tree of Life

    This ring is complementary to our tree of life engagement ring, with organic recessed branch patterns engraved into the handmade band.

  • Woodgrain

    This wedding band has an etched wood-grain pattern, or faux mokume gane.

  • Tree Branch

    This wedding band has an etched wood-grain pattern.

  • Palm Tree Beach

    The ocean and beach are front and center on this handcrafted wedding ring, with stylized waves and palm and accented with glistening gemstones.

  • Palm Tree Beach 2

    This wedding band was designed for a couple that love the beach. It has a palm tree amidst waves and a whale tail. Diamonds sparkle stars in the sky. Pair it with our tapered Beach Wedding Ring.

Choose the details of your ring including precious metals, design, and engraving. Each Krikawa ring is handcrafted and made-to-order, so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit and an immaculate wedding ring that is unmatched in quality. Start designing your very own Tree Wedding Ring today!

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol with deep symbolic, mythical and religious meaning spanning cultures all over the world.  While many present day readers associate the tree of life with an ancient Celtic tradition of leaving one tree standing when clearing lush forests in Ireland there are many other meanings that may resonate for you, your spouse or your marriage.

For Buddhists the tree of life is a symbol of the tree under which Buddha received enlightenment.  The Bodhi tree in India is a sacred tree to this day. For this reason the Tree of Life wedding band can symbolize knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment and the sacred vows you have made to one another.

But the Tree of Life has deep meaning in numerous cultures. If you share the beliefs of cultures ranging from ancient Egyptians to Native Americans you will find references to the Tree of Life.  

In Indigenous stories in the United States the Tree of Life symbol appears in Iroquois, Ojibway and Lakota cultures.  The Tree of Life features in creation story of the Iroquois and in the described vision of Black Elk in the book “Black Elk Speaks”.

Not only does this symbol feature in writings, artwork and jewelry from Europe and the Norse, but it also appears in the Kabbalah, pre columbian mesoamerica, and even in ancient Mesopotamia.

Our Tree of Life wedding bands are intricately carved to capture the beauty, longevity, strength and beauty of nature.   Nature inspired rings are very popular, but there is something special about the Tree of Life. It is a particularly powerful symbol and one that shares reverence and power in so many cultures and among different peoples.   Like love The Tree of Life is universal among people.

If you seek a more modern connection, the Tree of Life or Yggdrasil was featured in Marvel comics as the ancient Norse legend of this Tree was pulled into the storyline for Thor as he explains that the Norse Tree of Life was the connector of the 9 realms of Asgardian cosmos.

Each Tree of Life wedding ring at Krikawa is created for you, the exact way you want it. You pick the precious metal to make the band.  With extensive choices you can have your wedding band in Palladium, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold and even Stainless Steel. You select the perfect size for your custom Tree of Life wedding ring, and the dimensions and width of the band. We create each ring to your specification so that you receive the exact wedding ring you desire to match your eternal love with this ancient eternal symbol.

If you seek a universal symbol of love, and the sacred a Tree of Life wedding ring is a simple, timeless design that can become an heirloom wedding band, passed down through your own family tree from generation to generation.
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