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Music Wedding Rings

Hand-Crafted, Perfectly Tuned

These wedding bands are designed for the music lover in your life. Custom and made-to-order rings featuring musical instruments and notation are hand-crafted in stunning detail by Kwikawa’s master goldsmiths. Explore other styles in our unique men's wedding bands.

  • Harmony Treble Clef Engagement Ring Harmony Treble Clef Engagement Ring - top view
    Harmony Treble Clef

    This is a musical engagement ring. The treble clef is the inspiration for this ring. This unique ring tapers from 5 mm at the top to 3 mm at the bottom.

  • Harmony Treble Clef Wedding Band Harmony Treble Clef Wedding Band - top view
    Harmony Treble Clef

    This wedding band consists of stylized treble clefs and a music staff. Four black diamond music notes (or the gemstone of your choosing) are embedded in hearts.

  • Musical Phrase Engagement Ring
    Musical Phrase

    Personalize your engagement ring with the music that speaks to  your heart and soul.

  • Musical Phrase Princess Engagement Ring Musical Phrase Princess Engagement Ring - top view
    Musical Phrase Princess

    Wear the song that sings to your soul!

  • Musical Phrase Wedding Band
    Musical Phrase

    Send us an excerpt of sheet music, and we will make a ring with it!

  • Piano Ring Piano Ring - top view
    Unique Musical Piano Ring

    This ring is perfect for the music lover or pianist in your life.

  • Cello Ring  	Cello Ring - top view
    Unique Musical Cello Ring

    This ring takes its artistic form from a cello. The scrollwork on the head and fingerboard are exactly to proportion. The perfect ring for your bowed instrument lover.

  • Guitar Ring Guitar Ring - top view
    Guitar Ring

    This electric guitar ring is perfect for the one that pulls your heart strings. The intricate ring has fret and peg details, with proportions true to the musical instrument.

  • Framed Symbol Wedding Band Framed Symbol Wedding Band - top view
    Cross and Musical Symbol

    This is an alternative version of the Silhouette Symbol Wedding Band. Pick your own three personal symbols.

  • Large Cross and Musical Symbol Wedding Band Silhouette Symbol Wedding Band - top view
    Large Cross and Musical Symbol

    Co-create a unique wedding band with silhouetted symbols! This band tapers from 10mm on top, to 4mm on the palm side. Made in your preferred metal.

  • Bassist's Mokume Wedding Band Bassist's Mokume Wedding Band - top view
    Bassist's Mokume

    This wood-grain metal wedding band was handmade for a bass guitar player. The row of flush-set diamonds echo the pickups on the bass.

  • LIVE! Ring LIVE! Ring - top view
    LIVE! Musical Concert Ring

    If you do live sound or perform from a stage you'll be at home with this handcrafted ring with stage scaffolding, gemstone lights, and carved loudspeakers.

  • Treble Clef Bridal Set
    Treble Clef Bridal Set

    Flaunt your love for music and exclusive style with this treble clef bridal set!

  • Treble & Bass Clef Wedding Band
    Treble & Bass Clef

    Celebrate your love of music with this musical symbol wedding band!

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