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Green Eco Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Pure Grown Diamonds Lab Created DiamondsA great choice for diamonds is the lab-created diamond. This is not to be confused with "simulant" or "imitation." A lab-created diamond is chemically and structurally a diamond in every way, and they are certified and graded the same way naturally grown diamonds are. They are simply grown in a lab, and not in the earth.

A lab created diamond is an earth conscious and a pocket conscious choice! Email us today for a price quote on a lab-created diamond. You'll be pleasantly surprised!
lab grown blue diamondCOLOR CHOICES. With a Pure Grown Diamond, you have the option of white, as well as fancy pink diamond, fancy blue diamond, and fancy yellow.

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GUARANTEED CONFLICT FREE. With a committment to transparency and guaranteed origin, each lab created diamond is conflict-free.

ECO-FRIENDLY. Our Pure Grown Diamonds have the added benefit of being considered a "green" choice for the environmentally conscious. They are produced with a small footprint on the environment, as well as being made without moving any earth.

SUSTAINABLE. Because no earth is moved, natural systems in the environment remain available for future generations to have the resources they need.

LASER INSCRIBED. Each Pure Grown Diamond is laser inscribed, matching the diamond grading certificate.

CERTIFIED BY DIAMOND GRADING LABS. Each one of our Pure Grown Diamonds is accompanied by an International Gemological Institute Certificate detailing the diamond's 4 C's. 


Pure Grown Diamonds are identical to mined diamonds sharing the same physical, chemical and optical properties as their natural counterparts. Materials such as Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia (CZ), White Sapphire, etc. are simulants that simply attempt to “look” like a diamond.
lab created emerald cut yellow diamondlab created round pink diamond    radiant cut yellow diamond
Beauty. Ingenuity. Accessibility. The emergence of lab grown diamonds is not only an accomplishment of human ingenuity and a breakthrough for beauty and fashion, it is an important step in broadening our appreciation for diamonds, the most prized of all gems. A new era has dawned. The setting in which a diamond naturally grows has been replicated above the ground, resulting in beautiful, white and fancy color cultured diamonds.

lab created yellow diamondRarity within Reach. Awareness and demand for eco-friendly diamonds has grown significantly over the past few years, especially with the attention generated by major celebrities who have been recipients of these rare gems. Mined, fancy color diamonds, ranging from the popular canary yellow to pink and blue can range in price for $20,000 to $1,000,000 per carat, well beyond the reach of most consumers. With the introduction of the Pure Grown Diamond™, you now have access to the rarity and elegance of fancy color diamonds.  

Naturally Unique.  Pure Grown Diamonds are polished by master diamond cutters using traditional polishing techniques. Each diamond possesses unique characteristics and, just like mined diamonds, is graded according to the 4C standards. And while a Gemesis cultured diamond is an individual treasure, it also provides you with greater accessibility to fancy colored diamonds, further expanding the horizons of your jewelry collection.   ​

A Diamond is a Diamond is a Diamond. Pure Grown Diamonds™ are at the forefront of a revolution in the diamond industry. A Pure Grown diamond is a diamond, grown under the same conditions as diamonds grow beneath the earth’s surface. By applying tremendous heat and pressure, a diamond begins to grow atom by atom, layer by layer, just as it does in nature. A lab created diamond possesses the same physical, optical and chemical properties as earth-grown diamonds.
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