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Vintage Style Wedding Bands

Modern Vintage Wedding Rings for Men

Vintage Style Wedding Bands

Ornament implies attention to detail, a degree of thoughtful craft that gives a wedding ring meaning beyond its form, a legacy or story from decades of love and care. If you value classic and vintage styling, choose a Vintage Wedding Band from Krikawa. This collection of classy rings captures the feel of your favorite antique jewelry, from baroque flourishes to the retro modernism of Art Deco.

Although these unique men's wedding bands may appear vintage, they’re made to order and handcrafted in-house at Krikawa by our master goldsmiths. Choose one of our designs, or design a ring that you imagine with our unique custom ordering process. Krikawa’s rings are unmatched in quality, and guaranteed. Find your dream ring today.

  • Hand Engraved Wheat Wedding Band with Rails
    Hand Engraved Wheat with Rails

    This wedding ring has a hand engraved chevron wheat pattern around the band. For a matching wedding set, also see the original Hand Engraved Wheat Wedding Band.

  • Hand Engraved Swirl Wedding Band Hand Engraved Swirl Wedding Band - top view
    Hand Engraved Swirls

    A vintage-inspired wedding band featuring ornate and delicate hand-carved swirls.

  • Modern Millegrain Curls Wedding Band Modern Millegrain Curls Wedding Band - top view
    Modern Millegrain Curls

    Millegrain curls wrap around a sleek modern band, meeting a central bezel-set stone. This unique wedding band is handcrafted and made to order for you.

  • Cylinder Edge Wedding Band Cylinder Edge Wedding Band - top view
    Cylinder Edge

    This handcrafted wedding band is sleek with a unique cylinder pattern carved along its edge, combining the simple and classic design with vintage detail.

  • Vintage Millegrained Diamond Ring
    Vintage Millegrained Diamond Ring

    This rounded wedding band has millegrained edges and flush-set diamonds around the ring.

  • Vintage Celtic Knot  Band Vintage Celtic Knot  Band - top view
    Vintage Celtic Knot Band

    Unique Designer Celtic Knot Pattern Wedding Band with polished milligrained rails. Design your own wedding ring for both men and women.

  • Baroque Wedding Band with Ropes Baroque Wedding Band with Ropes - top view
    Baroque Diamond with Ropes

    Dramatic Baroque-style flourishes and sculpted rope are accented with a princess-cut diamond and darkened engravings on this stunning handcrafted band.

  • Starry Night Wedding Band
    Starry Night Millegrain

    With beautiful symbolism across cultures and religions, the seven-point stars stand out from the matte background of this artistic ring.

  • Baroque Wedding Band Baroque Wedding Band - top view

    The Baroque-like flourishes have no beginning and no end on this eternity ring. Darkened recessed areas, as shown, are optional.

  • Vine and Leaf Eternity Wedding Band with Ropes Vine and Leaf Eternity Wedding Band with Ropes - top view
    Vine and Leaf Eternity with Ropes

    This design is our Vine and Leaf Eternity Wedding Band, enhanced by a rope pattern on the edges.

  • Vintage High Polished Edge Band
    Vintage High Polished Edge Band

    This beautiful vintage style band is elegant with the high polished edges. Please inquire for pricing of other metals.

  • Vintage Mens Lacy Wedding Band Vintage Mens Lacy Wedding Band - top view
    Vintage Men's Lacy

    This men's wedding ring complements the Vintage Lacy Engagement Ring. It has an angled profile with notched corners. Millegrained beading encircles the band. 4mm wide.

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