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Unique Bezel Set Engagement Rings

For The Modern Girl

flowerYour bezel set engagement ring settings will be hand crafted around the diamond or sapphire of your choice. From a hand sketch to 3D rendering, watch your designer ring unfold. Customize your selection and choose your precious metal, central stone, and additional accent stones for a true one-of-a-kind ring made to order by our master goldsmiths. We will help you find that unique white or fancy colored diamond or sapphire that suits your needs, or you may provide your own (setting fee).
  • Carved Curls Engagement Ring with Tapering Stones Carved Curls Engagement Ring with Tapering Stones	 - top view
    Carved Curls with Accent Stones Mounting

    The Carved Curls Engagement Ring is magnificently three-dimensional with twelve elegantly shaped curls, gracefully surrounding the center stone.

  • Mokume Solitaire Tapered Engagement Ring Mokume Solitaire Tapered Unique Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Solitaire Tapered

    This handcrafted ring features a Mokume Gane band and a subtle taper meeting a solitaire stone. Simple and enchanting, this wedding band is made to order.

  • Delicate Stacking Ring in Rose Gold
    Simple with Rustic Diamond

    Beautiful for a promise or an engagement. Choose your rustic diamond!

  • Swirl Scaffolding Engagement Ring Swirl Scaffolding Engagement Ring - top view
    Swirl Scaffolding

    This contemporary engagement is mostly negative space since it's designed to wrap around a wedding band.

  • Modern Cathedral Bezel Engagement Ring
    Modern Cathedral Bezel

    A center stone is boldly raised above clean band for a unique contemporary look. This modern engagement ring is handcrafted and made to order!

  • Seven Stone Anniversary Ring Seven Stone Anniversary Ring - top view
    Seven Stone Anniversary Ring

    The bezel-set stones create the top half of this beautiful ring. Each stone becomes slightly smaller as they go down the band.

  • Carved Wave Engagement Ring Carved Wave Engagement Ring - top view
    Carved Wave Mounting

    An organic flowing design, the Carved Wave Engagement Ring winds gracefully around your finger and around the diamond or gemstone in waves and eddies.

  • Mokume Solitaire Flare Engagement Ring Mokume Solitaire Flare Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Solitaire Flare

    The gentle flare of this band gracefully accentuates a marquise cut center stone.

  • Modern Crossover Engagement Ring Modern Crossover Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Crossover

    Asymmetrical and unusual, this take on a European shank is formal and functional. Accent stones and a glistening center stone elevate this handcrafted ring.

  • Full Bezel Hammered Engagement Ring Modern Hammered Engagement Ring - top view
    Full Bezel Hammered

    Are you looking for a contemporary engagement ring design with character? Then hand-hammering may be the right finishing touch! This solitaire engagement ring is textured with round indentations.

  • Modern Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Modern Straight, Tapered Head Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Emerald Cut

    This emerald cut engagement ring is modern and spectacularly simple and elegant. The simplicity of the ring gives the ring a sense of grace.

  • Carved Wave Light Engagement Ring Carved Wave Light  Modern Bezel Set Engagement Ring - top view
    Carved Wave Light

    Similar to the sculptural form of the Carved Wave Engagement Ring, this version is simple yet elegant.

  • Carved Mini Curls Promise Ring
    Carved Mini Curls Promise Ring with Moissanite

    The Carved Mini Curls Promise Ring holds a sparkling Moissanite.

  • Modern Straight, Tapered Head Engagement Ring  	Modern Straight Solitaire, Tapered Head Engagement Ring with a 2 Cutout Head - top view
    Modern Straight, Tapered Head

    A straight band with clean bezel-setting is sleek and modern, elegantly showcasing the stone on this handmade engagement ring.

  • Modern Taper Engagement Ring Modern Taper Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Taper

    The simple taper design is derived from our Mokume Engagement Ring collection. It is a simple, elegant, timeless setting with no other adornment besides the center stone. 4mm wide.

  • Mokume Curls Engagement Rings Mokume Curls Bezel Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Curls

    Five accent diamonds, 0.15 ctw, are nestled in elegant milgrain curls on each side of the ring. The mokume body tapers away from the inside of the ring to reveal the side detail.

  • Jade Bezel Hammered Engagement Ring Jade Bezel Hammered Engagement Ring - top view
    Cabochon Bezel Hammered

    A wonderful example of understated elegance, this ring sings its simplicity with gorgeous details like hammered metal and a clean, modern style.

  • Modern Cube Engagement Ring Modern Cube Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Three-Stone Cube

    Cubic bezels sit atop a straight band, giving this handmade elegant ring a futuristic and modern look, with princess-cut diamonds for extra brilliance.

  • Modern Three-Stone Fancy Shapes Engagement Ring  	Modern Three-Stone Engagement Ring with Round and Heart Shaped Stones - top view
    Modern Three Stone Fancy Shapes

    This contemporary Modern Three-Stone Engagement Ring features a bezel-set round center stone and two hearts on each side. 3mm wide.

  • Saturn Engagement Ring

    This modern engagement ring, like the planet Saturn, has multiple rings. The center stone sits low and protected in a full bezel.

  • Modern Swirl Engagement Ring Modern Swirl Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Swirl

    This striking ring is a swirl of curves that embraces the center stone. An unusual and sensual design, it is similar to the Mokume Swirl, but without the mokume. A stunning handcrafted ring!

  • Modern Brushed Engagement Ring Modern Brushed Engagement Ring - top view
    Full Bezel Brushed

    This sleek engagement ring features a bezel setting for your center diamond or sapphire, and a brushed finish surface on the band.

  • Wood Fairy Engagement Ring Wood Grain Engagement Ring - top view
    Wood Fairy

    This was custom-designed for a client who was attracted to organic rings. Stones of varying sizes in round bezels surround the center diamond.

  • Modern Curls Engagement Ring Modern Curls Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Curls

    The Modern Curls Engagement Ring is a modernized version of the Mokume Curls Engagement Ring. Sleek lines are enhanced by the decorative millegraining details.

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