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At Krikawa, we understand that every ring should be tailored to your unique vision. That's why we provide an extensive range of accent stones for you to select from. Please keep in mind that certain stone types may not be available in all shapes and sizes. Rest assured, our design consultants are here to assist you in choosing the perfect stones and colors that will enhance your custom piece. They will guide you through the selection process, ensuring that your heart's desire is brought to life in a beautifully crafted ring.

rainbow of gemstones

Our Standard Accent Stones for Rings

White Diamond, Natural 

white diamondwhite diamondwhite diamond
White Diamond, Lab Created
Our favorite white diamond alternative
white diamondwhite diamondwhite diamond
Moissanite, Lab Created

white diamondwhite diamondwhite diamond
Champagne Diamond, Natural 
Natural Brown DiamondNatural Brown Diamond 4Natural Brown Diamond 7
Black Diamond, Color Enhanced
black diamondblack diamondblack diamond
Ruby, Natural (lab created available)
Pink Sapphire, Natural (lab created available)
pink sapphirepink sapphirepink sapphire
Pink Diamond, Color Enhanced
Pink DiamondPink DiamondPink Diamond
Pink Diamond, Natural Untreated
natural pink diamondnatural pink diamondnatural pink diamond
Orange Sapphire
orange sapphireorange sapphireorange sapphire
Yellow Sapphire
medium yellow sapphiremedium yellow sapphiremedium yellow sapphire
Green Diamond, Color Enhanced
light green diamondgreen diamondgreen diamond
Emerald, Natural (lab created available)
Blue Sapphire: Natural (lab created available)
dark blue sapphiredark blue sapphiredark blue sapphire
Blue Diamond: Color Enhanced
light blue diamondblue diamondblue diamond

Purple Diamond
Color Enhanced
purple diamondpurple diamondpurple diamond


Please note that the colors displayed above are an approximate representation of the actual stones. As natural gemstones and computer monitors vary, we cannot guarantee an exact color match to what you see on your screen. If you're seeking a distinctive color palette for your ideal ring, our friendly staff is here to assist you. They can offer videos that showcase your chosen stones, providing an experience similar to being in our studio.


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