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Unique Men's Engagement Rings

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unique mens engagement rings
Krikawa’s unique collection of men’s engagement rings features designs with bold and distinctive details. Choose one of our existing rings, or let us help you design your own, turning your dream ring into an expertly crafted, one of a kind heirloom. Consider raw diamonds, star sapphire, natural fancy diamonds, or text for something truly special. All of our unique men's wedding bands are handcrafted, made to order, and guaranteed. Discover the perfect ring today with Krikawa.
  • Championship Ring Championship Ring - top view
    Championship Ring

    Celebrate a championship or victory with this hefty sculptural ring. Handcrafted and custom made, forge your win with your choice of metals, stones, and design.

  • Kite Diamond Engagement Ring Kite Diamond Engagement Ring  - top view
    Kite Diamond

    A strong, solid band with unique details and a touch of sparkle!

  • Men's Trillion Ring Men's Trillion Ring - top view
    Men's Trillion Ring

    This modern and substantial men's ring is designed to be made out of two kinds of precious metals. The two sides of the geometric mounting fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces.

  • Mokume Bat Ring Mokume Bat Ring - top view
    Mokume Bat Ring

    Bold and angular, intersecting planes of Mokume form sharp wings that cradle the center stone on this handcrafted ring. Made to order for you by Krikawa.

  • Mokume Flush Stone Engagement Ring Mokume Flush Stone Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Flush Stone Mens

    This handcrafted Mokume Mens Engagement ring has a flush-set center stone, two channels of accent stones, and a unique masculine design.

  • Mokume Straight Flush Engagement Ring Mokume Straight Flush Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Straight Flush

    This mokume ring has a flat top, which is set with a center diamond or gemstone. A great design for those with more active lifestyles.

  • Modern Flush Stone Engagement Ring with Diamonds Modern Flush Stone Engagement Ring with Diamonds - top view
    Modern Flush Stone with Diamonds

    This design is similar to the Modern Flush Stone Engagement Ring, but with the addition of some extra sparkle! The sides of the band are adorned with "V" channels of tapering stones.

  • Rocket Men's Ring
    Rocket Men's Ring

    Unique men's wedding ring - Handcrafted, custom wedding bands by award-winning designer goldsmith. Custom, design your own ring.

  • Modern Embrace Engagement Ring Modern Embrace Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Embrace

    This modern engagement ring is inspired by the Mokume Embrace Engagement Ring. A carved outline traces along the profile leading to a bezel setting.

  • Mokume Flush Three-Stone Wedding Band Mokume Flush Three-Stone Wedding Band - top view
    Mokume Flush Three-Stone

    A great ring for a man or a woman! Three stones sit at the top, flush with the mokume band. With a European shank.

  • Woodgrain Wave Engagement Ring Woodgrain Wave Engagement Ring - top view
    Woodgrain Wave

    This ring shines bright like a full moon in a lush forest. The clean lines of the wood grain have an organic and one-of-a-kind pattern.

  • Mountain Flush Stone Engagement Ring Mountain Flush Stone Engagement Ring - top view
    Mountain Flush Stone

    Bring the beauty of nature to your hand with this engagement ring hand-carved with your favorite mountain range!

  • Native Mokume Mens Engagement Ring Native Mokume Mens Engagement Ring - top view
    Native Mokume Mens

    This amazing and uniquely designed men's engagement ring features mokume and a large stone, with native details carved into the band and shank.

  • Crosshatched Men's Diamond Ring Crosshatched Men's Diamond Ring - top view
    Crosshatched Men's Diamond Ring

    Mixed metals and textures add unique dimension and effortless style to this men's diamond ring.

  • Celtic Knot Claddagh Engagement Ring Celtic Knot Claddagh Engagement Ring - top view
    Celtic Knot Claddagh

    Bursting with symbolism and tradition, this Celtic engagement ring features a trilliant cut solitaire with a simple crown flourish at the top.

Flush Set Oak Leaf Engagement Ring Flush Set Oak Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Flush Oak Leaf

    Modern design and natural beauty blend beautifully in the oak leaf engagement ring.

  • Modern Men's Diamond Engagement Ring Modern Men's Diamond Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Men's Diamond

    Smooth luxury and comfortable style!

  • Simple Princess Engagement Ring Simple Princess Engagement Ring - top view
    Simple Princess

    Clean lines and durable details make this modern engagement ring a comfortable yet luxurious design.

  • Dragon Lord Diamond Wedding Band Dragon Lord Diamond Wedding Band - top view
    Dragon Lord Diamond

    Elegance and strength embody this unique wedding ring. Its bold design is fit for a dragon-lord with unknown powers. It also looks great on the rest of us.

  • Bead Set Three Stone Mens Ring Bead Set Three Stone Mens Ring - top view
    Bead Set Three Stone Mens Ring

    Three bead-set stones of your choice sit atop this handsome and simple men's ring, handcrafted and made to order by Krikawa.

  • Men's Shooting Star Wedding Band Men's Shooting Star Wedding Band - top view
    Men's Shooting Star

    This masculine ring has a channel of gemstones and some inlaid stones creating the shape of a star. Wood-grain metal is set around the band.

  • Shield Crest Signet Ring Shield Crest Signet Ring - top view
    Shield Crest Signet Ring

    Have a unique symbol, shield, or crest that has special meaning for you? Show it off with this Shield Crest Signet Ring.

  • Macle Mokume Wedding Band Macle Mokume Wedding Band - top view
    Macle Mokume

    This mokume wedding band has a triangle sliver of a diamond--a macle--set in the center of the band.

  • Square in Circle Wedding Band Square in Circle Wedding Band - top view
    Square in Circle

    The circle and square shapes in this custom, two-tone wedding band represent the client's family. The circle is a different metal type that is inlaid. 3.5mm princess cut sapphire shown.

  • Black Onyx Diamond Men's Ring Black Onyx Diamond Men's Ring - top view
    Black Onyx Diamond Men's Ring

    This modern men's ring in inlaid with onyx and features a diamond accent.

  • Infinity Diamond Symbol Wedding Band Infinity Overlay Wedding Band - top view
    Infinity Diamond Symbol

    This infinity symbol wedding band accommodates a pair of pear-shaped gemstones. Price includes stones.

The Rise of Men's Engagement Rings: A Unique Journey with Krikawa

When it comes to celebrating love, traditions evolve, and boundaries blur. The concept of men's engagement rings is a testament to this transformation, offering a unique avenue to express commitment and to celebrate the journey of love. In this ever-evolving landscape, Krikawa Custom Jewelers stands out as a shining beacon, redefining men's engagement rings and crafting unique pieces that capture the essence of a modern, equal partnership.

Historically, engagement rings have been predominantly associated with women. But as societal norms have evolved and love stories have diversified, the idea of men's engagement rings has taken center stage. No longer confined to traditional roles, men are now as likely to embrace the beauty and symbolism of a finely crafted engagement ring as women. The choice of a men's engagement ring symbolizes a commitment that transcends gender stereotypes and resonates with the shared values and aspirations of the couple.

Krikawa Custom Jewelers has been at the forefront of this movement, offering a stunning array of options catering to men's engagement rings. Their designs are not just mere ornaments; they are reflections of personality, style, and the unique journey of each couple. Here's why choosing a unique men's engagement ring from Krikawa is an exceptional and meaningful choice.

1. Unconventional Styles: Krikawa defies the notion that men's engagement rings are limited to plain bands. Their collection boasts a diverse range of materials, designs, and gemstone options. From rugged and bold to elegant and classic, Krikawa offers men the opportunity to express their individuality through their engagement ring. Classic and unique diamond shapes can lend a unique flair.

2. Craftsmanship: Krikawa's artisans are masters of their trade. Every men's engagement ring is meticulously crafted, ensuring not only the finest quality but also longevity. These are not just rings; they are heirlooms that can be passed down through generations, encapsulating a love story for posterity.

3. Ethical Sourcing: Just as Krikawa takes pride in offering ethically sourced materials for their other jewelry, their men's engagement rings are no exception. Couples can rest assured that the rings represent not just a commitment to each other, but also a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

4. Personalization: Krikawa thrives on the concept of personalization. Each engagement ring can be tailored to tell a unique story. From incorporating meaningful gemstones to engraving personalized messages, the possibilities are endless. Your ring is as unique as your love story.

5. Breaking Stereotypes: In choosing a men's engagement ring from Krikawa, couples send a powerful message. They break away from gender norms and embrace equality in their partnership. It's a choice that reflects contemporary values and celebrates the evolving dynamics of love.

The journey to love is unique for every couple, and Krikawa Custom Jewelers understands that love knows no boundaries. Their men's engagement rings are a symbol of the equality, individuality, and shared aspirations that are at the heart of modern relationships. By choosing a unique men's engagement ring from Krikawa, couples embark on a journey that is as exceptional as their love story, capturing their essence and their commitment in a piece of artistry that will forever shine as brightly as their love. In the ever-evolving landscape of love and commitment, Krikawa is your guide to celebrating a unique, modern, and meaningful engagement experience.

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