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Twist AND WEAVE Engagement Rings

Intertwined Together We Now Are One


Our Twisted Wedding Bands feature two threads of precious metal twisted together into an engagement ring. Choose your metals, stones, and design details. Fully customizable, made-to-order, and guaranteed perfect, Krikawa’s Twist Engagement Rings are handmade and unmatched in quality. Design your very own today!

  • Dew Drop Bypass Engagement Ring Dew Drop Bypass Engagement Ring - top view
    Dew Drop Twist

    A contemporary twist on a vintage style, this elegant design will be a timeless work of art.

  • Tight Twisted Engagement Ring Tight Twisted Engagement Ring - top view
    Tight Twisted

    This incredible ring weaves two metals of your choice together to capture the center stone.

  • Climber's Knot Engagement Ring Climber's Knot Engagement Ring - top view
    Climber's Knot

    This unique ring is perfect for any mountain climbing or sailing lover!

  • Intricate Elegant Twist Engagement Ring Intricate Elegant Twist Engagement Ring - top view
    Intricate Elegant Twist

    Intricate twists of millegrained, pave set stones elevate this amazing engagement ring to new heights!

  • Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring - top view
    Twisted Solitaire

    This simple solitaire engagement ring has a twist to it. Just before it reaches the stone, the band twists once on each side.

  • Twisted Leaf Engagement Ring Twisted Leaf Engagement Ring - top view
    Twisted Leaf

    Delicate little leaves sparkle with dollops of precious stones. A prong basket crafted of leaves cradles your stone of choice and shines bright in this cathedral-style setting.

  • Saturn Engagement Ring with Diamonds Saturn Engagement Ring with Diamonds - top view
    Saturn with Diamonds

    The Saturn Engagement Ring takes its namesake from the planet with many rings! Instead of cosmic dust, one of the rings is made with paved accent stones.

  • Three Stone Twist Engagement Ring Three Stone Twist Engagement Ring - top view
    Three Stone Twist

    A simple three stone engagement is enhanced by a twisting strand of diamonds.

  • Trinity Weave Engagement Ring Trinity Weave Engagement Ring - top view
    Trinity Weave

    Woven with love, this unique ring features a trinity of polished and diamond or gemstone accented bands.

To twist is to combine or intertwine, to couple or wind together. Two distinct parts are married to form a new unique shape. And yet, all parts remain true, subtly realigned into a harmonious whole. This duality is the transformation of love, a marrying of two distinct parts and the new shape that emerges.

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