Engagement Ring Wraps

Made to Fit Around Your Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Wraps

Do you have a unique engagement ring that requires a uniquely fitted wedding band? At Krikawa, you can have any wedding band made to shadow or flow around your engagement ring. We take exact measurements of your engagement ring and design a wedding band to fit it precisely. Working long distance? Not a problem. You can ship us your ring and we’ll take precise measurements, ensuring a perfect fit.

  • Mokume Accented Enhancer Mokume Accented Enhancer - top view
    Mokume Accented Enhancer

    The enhancer features delicate pave diamonds that sparkle and make your ring even more beautiful. The mokume wood grain pattern travels along the band, showcasing the organic shapes of precious metals.

  • Tree of Life Enhancer Tree of Life Enhancer - top view
    Custom Contoured Delicate Bead Set Enhancer

    This made-to-order ring allows you to wrap your Tree of Life engagement ring in brilliant stones, pave set and contoured perfectly to form a beautiful set.

  • Carved Branch Mokume Enhancer Carved Branch Mokume Enhancer - top view
    Carved Branch Mokume Enhancer

    This ring wrap was designed for the Carved Branch and Space Princess rings. Add some texture with wood-grain metal supporting your engagement ring.

  • Custom Men's Enhancer Custom Men's Enhancer - top view
    Straight Band Enhancer

    This engagement ring wrap is designed to fit the Contemporary Infinity Engagement Ring. Three simple infinity symbols connect the bands on the palm-side of the enhancer.

  • Fairy Tale Enhancer Fairy Tale Enhancer - top view
    Fairy Tale Enhancer

    This playful design frames the Dolphin Kiss Engagement Ring. Although, you can customize this style of enhancer to wrap your engagement ring.

  • Fairy Tale Enhancer Fairy Tale Enhancer - top view
    Fairy Tale Halo Enhancer

    This simple enhancer adds a halo of diamonds to your engagement ring!

  • Vintage Art Deco Enhancer Vintage Art Deco Enhancer - top view
    Vintage Art Deco Enhancer

    Wrap your engagement ring in art deco designs and diamonds!

  • Hexagon Bee Enhancer Hexagon Bee Enhancer - top view
    Hexagon Bee Enhancer

    Paired with the Bee Engagement Ring, this enhancer makes a perfect wedding set. The two bands perfectly trace the outline of the engagement ring.

  • Carved Curls Engagement Ring Enhancer Carved Curls Engagement Ring Enhancer - top view
    Carved Curls Enhancer

    a unique engagement ring enhancer that slides onto the engagement ring, and adds decoration to both sides.

  • Channel Set Diamond Enhancer 0.03ctw Channel Set Diamond Enhancer 0.03ctw - top view
    Channel Set Diamond Enhancer 0.03ctw

    The Carved Branch Enhancer is designed to wrap around the Carved Branch Engagement Ring, but may also be made to accommodate other rings.

  • Bypass Diamond Enhancer Bypass Diamond Enhancer - top view
    Bypass Diamond Enhancer

    This unusual wedding band was designed to wrap around the Carved Branch Engagement Ring, but may be customized to fit other engagement rings. It features flush set accent diamonds.

  • Crescent Diamond Band Enhancer 0.13ctw Crescent Diamond Band Enhancer - top view
    Crescent Diamond Band Enhancer 0.13ctw

    This enhancer fits Mokume Solitaire Straight Tapered Head Engagement Rings and Modern Solitaire Straight Tapered Head Engagement Rings by Krikawa.

  • Top Bead Set Enhancer Top Bead Set Enhancer - top view
    Top Bead Set Enhancer

    A perfect way to upgrade an existing ring or complete a bridal set.

  • Diamond Swirl Enhancer Diamond Swirl Enhancer - top view
    Diamond Swirl Enhancer

    Diamonds line the swirl which wraps around an engagement ring in this enhancer. Choose white diamonds to give it a more classic look or colored stones to add a little color!

  • Royal Ring Enhancer
    Royal Ring Enhancer

    Hand carved ring enhancer that slides right over an engagement ring. Sports any accent gemstone or diamond desired.

  • Tiffany Setting Diamond Enhancer Tiffany Setting Diamond Enhancer - top view
    Tiffany Setting Diamond Enhancer

    This unique halo style enhancer band will be made to order to surround your Tiffany style engagement ring setting.

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