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non-traditional engagement rings

Wear a One-of-a-Kind Work of Art

Non-Traditional Engagement Ring Collection
Why wear just a ring when you can wear a one-of-a-kind work of art? Your ring is forever on your hand, in front of your eyes every day. You can capture the essence of your love with the lines and flow of metal and stones that captivates you, knowing it was made for you, with love, by the talented hands of master craftspeople.

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Fantasy Engagement Rings

Fantasy Engagement Rings

Creative rings inspired by literature and science fiction. Express yourself with your happily-ever-after engagement ring. 
Scaffold Engagement Ring

Scaffold Engagement Rings

Embrace your wedding band with a scaffold engagement ring that unites the two rings as one.
Rustic Engagement Rings

Rustic Engagement Rings

Don't just see the difference, but feel the difference with these textured rings. 
Two-Stone Engagement Rings

Two Stone Engagement Rings

Two stones forever orbiting each other in your special engagement ring take on a unique meaning meant just for you.  

A  Ring and a Showpiece
Artistic Snowflake Engagement Ring

Your love, your symbols. Don't just get engaged. Become obsessed a second time with a masterpiece of love, precious metal, and light.

We've always made rings one at a time, and we'll do it for you. Your love is worth more than a mass-produced, off-the-shelf stock item. Have it made to order at Krikawa.

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  Get help buying with our complimentary concierge design service.
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