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Diamond Bubbles Engagement Rings

Bubbling Up For Your Big Day

bubble diamond engagement rings
Sparkling diamonds bubble around the custom rings in this unique engagement ring collection. The diamond bubbles are a masterpiece of luxury. Made to order in the metal and stones of your desire.  Get your sparkle on!

  • Scattered Bezel Diamond Wedding Band Scattered Bezel Diamond Wedding Band - top view
    Scattered Bezel Diamond

    This unusual diamond wedding band consists of scattered bezels in different sizes.

  • Starry Sky Anniversary Ring Starry Sky Anniversary Ring - top view
    Diamond Starry Sky Anniversary Ring

     The ring shimmers and sparkles with clusters of diamonds. Bubbling bezel accents flow underneath a prong setting.

  • Bubble Diamond Engagement Ring Bubble Diamond Engagement Ring - top view
    Bubble Diamond

    A cluster of bezel-set diamonds surrounds a designer six prong setting, giving this shining ring a sparkling and unique look, handcrafted and made to order.

  • Bubble Wave Engagement Ring Bubble Wave Engagement Ring - top view
    Bubble Wave

    This luxurious engagement ring features the classic three stone design with a twist. Bezel waves wrap the three stones and form an organic, flowing band.

  • Three Stone Channel Wave Engagement Ring Three Stone Channel Wave Engagement Ring - top view
    Three Stone Channel Wave

    The flowing band wraps around the center stone with channels lined with diamonds. The two side stones are wrapped in elegant bezels of their own.

  • Swirl Three Stone Engagement Ring Swirl Three Stone Engagement Ring - top view
    Three Stone Swirl

    The three bezels in this unusual engagement "swirl" around each other.

  • Modern Diamond Bezel Engagement Ring Modern Diamond Bezel Engagement Ring - top view
    Modern Diamond Bezel

    This modern engagement ring has a scalloped channel of diamonds halfway down the band.

  • Mokume Bubble Cluster Engagement Ring Mokume Bubble Cluster Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Bubble Cluster

    A masterpiece celebrating your love's journey! Three stunning center stones, cradled by a sweeping bezel setting, symbolize your past, present, and future together.

Bubble Cocktail Mokume Ring Bubble Cocktail Mokume Ring - top view
    Bubble Cocktail Mokume Ring

    Brilliant diamonds float like bubbles around the large center stone!

Diamond Bubble rings are a luxurious Krikawa design. Inspired by the stars of the silver screen, the diamond bubble ring has a luxurious modern flair. Each diamond bubble is singly laid out by our design team. Varying sizes of diamonds create a balance of bubbles. Each ring is one-of-a-kind. The bubble ring is custom to your ring size, preference, and choice of stones and metal types. Have the choice of either an engagement ring, wedding band, or anniversary ring.

Luxurious jewelry has a long history of events that shaped the world. During the war, there was a major decrease in the production of fine jewelry and clothing. Materials like platinum were used during the war and fine gemstones were barely used. The number of people who could afford fine jewelry was very minimal at the time. To accommodate these restrictions, costume jewelry with alternative materials became popular.

Lavish jewelry gave the illusion of wealth, even if the stones weren't high-end. Popular materials such as beads, Bakelite, and other imitations of stones. Moving towards the Golden Age of Cinema, jewelers kept that similar style but with gold and diamonds again. These pieces shined and acted as their own character on screen. Stars like Scarlet O’Hara and Marilyn Monroe showcased works of art made by the best jewelers of the time. Rings inspired by movies made inspired many engagement rings. The domed pave diamond ring was dripping in diamonds. These styles and history inspired the Bubble Diamond Ring.

All our rings are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each diamond has been gently mounted and shaped to perfectly fit on your finger. Want to start your own legacy? Contact the design team to customize your own luxurious ring.

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