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Unique Diamonds

Raw, Rustic and Unusual Diamonds for Engagement Rings

For some, the traditional round brilliant white diamond doesn't cut it for their engagement ring. 

If you are looking for a more unusual stone that will last a lifetime and truly become a treasured heirloom, consider a unique diamond.  

Diamond is found throughout the planet in a myriad of colors. The internal features and colors make this stone truly a wonder. 

Whether you want to express yourself with an unusual shape, like a kite, or wear a little storm cloud on your finger, consider an off-beat diamond for your forever ring. 

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unique diamond ring with shield shaped diamond

Unique Clear Diamond Cuts


Clear Rose Cut Diamonds

The rose-cut diamond is a beautiful diamond that is more cost-effective than the traditional round brilliant. As it is a very shallow diamond, you can get a much larger stone for your money or even just save a little. This cut brings a fresh, vintage feel to your engagement ring.  

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round rose cut diamond
Round rose cut diamond
pear shaped rose cut diamond
Pear shaped rose cut diamond
Cushion rose cut diamond

Vintage Diamond Cuts

Other truly vintage cuts for diamonds include the Old Mine Cut diamond and the European Cut diamond. 

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old mine cut diamond
Old mine cut diamond
Beautiful Old European Cut Diamond
Beautiful old european cut diamond
old european cut diamond
Cross: old mine / old European

Unusual Diamond Shapes

Diamonds aren't just cut in traditional diamond shapes. Shield shape, kite shape, trapezoid, and shield are more unusual. There are also some classic geometric shapes like hexagons and octagons, as well. If you want a truly unusual-shaped diamond, create your unique piece with Krikawa.  

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shield cut diamond
Shield shaped diamond
kite shaped diamond
Kite shaped diamond
shield shape diamond
Shield shaped diamond


Other Unique Diamonds Options


Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds are the hottest new trend in engagement rings. The beautiful characteristics of the inclusions in these diamonds lend the appearance of spilled salt and pepper. 

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salt and pepper diamond
Oval Salt and Pepper diamond
matched pair salt and pepper diamond
Matched pair S&P diamonds
pear shaped salt and pepper diamodn
Pear shaped salt and pepper diamond

Raw Diamonds

Although many of these unusual diamonds listed on this page are commonly called "raw diamonds," truly raw diamonds are gems found in nature that have not been cut by man. Called raw or rough, these diamonds come in all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes. 

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raw octahedron diamond
Raw octahedron diamond crystal
raw diamond crystal for engagement ring
Raw diamond crystal
natural raw rough yellow diamond cube
Raw diamond cube

Storm Cloud Diamonds™

Hitting the world by storm are the Storm Cloud Diamonds™, uniquely sourced and curated by Krikawa. If you're looking for a cloudy diamond that has unique colors, inquire about your own Storm Cloud Diamond™. These rustic diamonds typically are opaque diamonds that have a rose cut.  

Read more about Storm Cloud Diamonds here. 
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cloudy diamond hexagon cut
Hexagonal Storm Cloud diamond™
light yellow cloudy diamond
Light yellow Storm Cloud Diamond™
cloudy diamond
Cushion Storm Cloud Diamond™


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