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Music engagement Rings

Capturing the Rhythm of Your Love

music engagement rings

Music brings people together and forms beautiful relationships that last a lifetime. Browse our selection of customizable designed engagement rings that are music themed below, or let us help you design your perfect ring from scratch. All of Krikawa’s rings are made-to-order, handcrafted, and guaranteed.

Love songs have been sung since the beginning of man. No matter the genre, there’s a song that celebrates that warm feeling of affection. This can range from a classical quartet playing concertos to a pop star belting the hits at an arena show. The vulnerability of someone confessing their feelings is an ultimate display of love.

Our music bands are inspired by the musical theory of love songs. Musical Theory is the practices and musical notions of the song. Music is made of different harmonies, melodies, and rhythms. Like your relationship, harmonies are when sounds complement and work together. The melody adds different notes to make a unique composition. The melody in your relationship can be what makes you special and how you complement each other. The final element of creating a catchy tune is rhythm. These are recurring notes and beats like how you celebrate your love daily. The rhythm is when you continuously sync with your partner. This sync is how to create your perfect love song.

These unique engagement rings come in sculptural and classic styles. Engraved musical phrase engagement rings can have your song etched into the band. Add your favorite lyrics along the inside of the ring! The Harmony Treble Clef ring is like an infinity engagement ring. Treble clefs swirl and sweep across the band holding a prong-mounted stone.

We can make your dream music-inspired engagement ring come true! Schedule a virtual appointment with our friendly staff! They will discuss how to make your custom engagement ring a work of art.

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