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Leaf and Vine Wedding Rings

Endless Leaves for your Garden of Love

leaves and flowersChoose a band inspired by the natural forms of leaves and vines, perfectly handcrafted by our master goldsmiths. Browse our collection or contact us for your own made-to-order design. Each ring is custom-made in your metal and width preference.
  • Tricolor Oak Leaf Wedding Band Tricolor Oak Leaf Wedding Band - top view
    Tricolor Oak Leaf

    A colorful bed of leaves wrap this band in a beautiful representation of one of nature's most magical time of year!

  • Tricolor Maple Leaf Wedding Band Tricolor Maple Leaf Wedding Band - top view
    Tricolor Maple Leaf

    This band is perfect for nature lovers with the organic textures among the leaves.

  • Two Tone Oak Leaf Wedding Band Two Tone Oak Leaf Wedding Band - top view
    Two Tone Oak Leaf

    Leaves float across this nature band in two metal colors. A beautiful representation of the continuously changing seasons and your everlasting love.

  • Maple Leaf Wedding Band Maple Leaf Wedding Band - top view
    Maple Leaf

    A favorite nature symbol, the maple leaf depicts the sweetness and wonder of love. What metal should your Maple Leaf be made in?

Two Tone Narrow Oak Leaf Wedding Band Two Tone Narrow Oak Leaf Wedding Band - top view
    Two Tone Narrow Oak Leaf

    Wrap your finger in a wreath of oak leaves!

  • Oak Leaf Eternity Wedding Band
    Oak Leaf Eternity

    Layers of oak leaves in relief cover the surface of this wedding band. This nature-inspired ring can be made in the precious metal and width of your choice.

Narrow Oak Leaf Wedding Band
    Narrow Oak Leaf

    This petite ring is the counterpart to our Oak Leaf wedding band. Handcrafted, a single row of oak leaves is carved around this naturally inspired band.

  • Woven Vine Wedding Band Woven Vine Wedding Band - top view
    Woven Vine

    Bring a touch of nature to your wedding and let it grow with your love. These intricate vines sprout delicate leaves and continuously weave around each other and eternally wrap around the band.

  • Tropical Leaf Wedding Band Tropical Leaf Wedding Band - top view
    Tropical Leaf

    Capture the lush landscape of the tropics with this natural leaf wedding band.

  • Rose Leaf Wedding Band
    Rose Leaf

    As the leaves nourish the bloom of your marriage and you love grows eternally, celebrate it with a Rose Leaf Wedding Band.

  • Eternity Grape Vine & Leaf Wedding Band
    Eternity Grape Vine & Leaf

    This unique wedding band has a grape leaf and vine pattern that encircles the entire ring.

  • Birch Leaf Wedding Band
    Birch Leaf

    This sculptural birch leaf wedding band will take you back to the stand of trees where the leaves were piled. Made to order in your width, size, and color!

  • Western Floral Eternity Symbol Wedding Band Western Floral Eternity Symbol Wedding Band - top view
    Western Floral Eternity Symbol

    This custom eternity style wedding band has our Western floral design.

  • Branch & Leaf Carved Relief Wedding Band
    Branch & Leaf Carved Relief

    This organic wedding band features a vine and leaf pattern in carved relief. With hand engraved detailing.

  • Branch and Leaf Wedding Band with Rails
    Branch And Leaf With Rails

    A beautiful symbol of your love's infinite growth and prosperity, this organic wedding band features an eternal branch that wraps the band and sprouts large leaves.

  • Delicate Leaf Mens Wedding Ring
    Delicate Leaf Mens

    Unique Custom Word and Symbol Wedding Bands made to spec. Design your own unique wedding ring for men and women.

  • Antique Replica Leaf Ring
    Antique Replica Leaf Ring

    Inspired by a vintage wedding ring design, this handcrafted ring with marquise leaf shapes is elegant, simple, and made to order just for you.

  • Agave Leaf Wedding Band
    Agave Leaf

    This handcrafted wedding band features the agave plant, an evocative symbol of Southwestern and desert landscapes and flora.

  • Pot Leaf Wedding Band Pot Leaf Wedding Band - top view
    Pot Leaf

    Celebrate the natural beauty of the pot leaf with this unique ring.

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