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MOKUME GANE color combinations

Eight Flavors to Choose From

Mokume Wedding BandsYou have eight different color combinations to select for your custom mokume ring. Combining gray, rose and yellow gold with sterling allows for a distinct and earthy textural contrast.  
The Trigold Mokume is the only variation without sterling, making it glow with the warmth of a full palette of golden hues.

What colors resonate with you?

The Krikawa Pattern

All of the different types of mokume that we offer are hand patterned with a highly refined pattern. Each billet of mokume is patterned through a very time consuming process, ensuring that each ring made with the mokume will have a detailed and consistent finish.  While no two patterns will match exactly, like a fingerprint, there is a recognizable consistency from ring to ring that is only found in Krikawa mokume-gane.

White Mokume

"White" Mokume Gane Rings

14 karat palladium white gold and sterling create a beautiful white and gray mokume. A classic favorite.

Champagne Mokume

"Champagne" Mokume Gane Rings

14 karat palladium white gold, 18 karat rose gold and sterling combine to form this light and airy contrast of metals.

Winter Mokume Gane

"Winter" Mokume Gane Rings

This unique mokume combines 14 karat palladium white gold, 10 karat green gold and sterling. Best etched to delineate the contrast of metal colors.

Summer Mokume Gane

"Summer" Mokume Gane Rings

22 karat yellow gold, 14 karat white gold (gray) and sterling combine to create a rich yellow gold contrasted with a medium gray. Best etched to delineate the contrast of metal colors.

Autumn Mokume Gane

"Autumn" Mokume Gane Rings

18 karat yellow gold, 14 karat white gold (gray), 14k rose gold and sterling. Best etched to delineate the contrast of metal colors.

Trigold Mokume Gane

"Trigold" Mokume Gane Rings

This is a solid gold mokume. It is made of 18k rose, 14k palladium white and 18k yellow gold. The color difference between these metals is very subtle. If chosen, a matte surface provides the highest contrast.

Iced Platinum Mokume Gane

"Iced Platinum" Mokume Rings

Platinum is "iced" with sterling in this cool mokume formula.

Black and White Mokume Gane

"Black and White" Mokume Gane Rings

Platinum and darkened (oxidized) sterling silver create the ultimate contrast of colors.

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