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ROSE GOLD metal 

Fine Gold Mixed With Copper

Rose Gold Solitaire and Mokume Band

Rose gold, also known as red or pink gold, is an alloy that consists of pure gold and copper.

Fourteen karat rose gold contains 14 parts fine gold and 10 parts copper and silver. It is the rich red copper combined with fine gold that creates a warm rosy tone.

Eighteen karat rose gold consists of 18 parts (75%) pure gold, alloyed with copper and a smaller quantity of silver. Twenty karat rose gold consists of 20 parts (83%) pure gold, while the rest is mostly copper.

Historical Trivia

Throughout ancient history, rose gold was used decoratively. Rose gold was popular in 19th century Russia, and was known at the time as Russian gold. It became popular in the United States during the 1920s when Cartier introduced the Trinity, a ring made of three interlocking yellow, rose and white gold bands. It has become more trendy in the 2000s.

Rose Gold from Krikawa

Pave Swirl Mokume Engagement RingWe use 14K rose gold for our rings. We do offer a high karat 20k rose gold for ring mountings upon request. Our Champagne and Trigold mokume gane include 18K in the pattern. However, 18K rose gold is no longer offered for ring mountings. Rose gold is feminine and complements all skin colors. 
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