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You're investing in the future. Your diamond will be placed on the ring you’ll wear for a lifetime. Knowing that integrity and ethics are a part of your diamond’s selection process can help put your mind at ease. At Krikawa, you’ll be introduced to more than the Four C's.

Diamonds With a Conscience
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As a member of the RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council), we uphold the standards, practices and ethics essential to the integrity of the jewelry industry. At the heart of everything we do are our beliefs around:

- ethics
- product disclosure
- key practices
- conflict free and the Kimberly Process
- and independent verification

Talk with our gem experts and you’ll discover the extra steps made to ensure that the quality of your diamond is accurately represented. You’ll know you’re purchasing a quality stone. It’s all part of what we believe is the Fifth C: Consciousness. Learn about certifications and what makes consciousness so important. With our help, you can make a sound decision, you’ll feel good about for years to come.

GIA Diamonds
At Krikawa, you really do have a friend in the diamond business. From GIA-certified natural white diamonds to lab created eco-friendly diamonds, you’re destined to find the precious stone perfect for you.


GIA diamonds and CertsDiamond Decisions

With the purchase of a diamond comes a whole host of mysteries, questions and misconceptions. It’s why at Krikawa, we’ll help you make sense of it all. At Krikawa, we’re not simply in the diamond business. We want to make sure your Krikawa ring has a diamond even we can be proud of. You’ll receive our help in selecting a diamond that we’d pick for ourselves. Even if the rarest of diamonds is not top-of-mind, our expertise will allow us to provide you a stone of great value.

At Krikawa you’re offered the opportunity to get a great diamond at competitive near pricing. You can have a diamond that shines as brilliantly as your ring.

Curious Questions

Questions about your upcoming diamond purchase? Diamond ExpertDiscover everything you need to know about the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Carat Weight, Clarity. Let one of our diamond experts help you understand the answers to questions you may never have thought to ask.

Deciding on the shape of your diamond? The shape of your diamond is about more than how it appears from the top of your ring. The shape of your diamond shares a bit of your personality with the world. It reflects your personal taste. From the classic round to the marquise, you’ll discover the shape of your diamond has more to offer than what meets the eye. Talk with our gem experts and discover what shape will capture your heart.


diamond cut diagramDiamond Cut

With every precious diamond cut, the depth, angles and your diamond’s ability to reflect light is transformed. With cut playing such a large role in the beauty of your diamond, it pays to know that we inspect each diamond in-house and source our diamonds from preferred vendors. Our design consultants will ensure that your stone is a stage for brilliance and maximum light return. At Krikawa, you’ll find excellence in every cut. Whether you’re looking for a radiant or princess cut, we’ll help you pick a diamond that breathes fire. Talk to us and find out how the right cut can accentuate the beauty of your diamond ring.

Fancy Color

Fancy Yellow Diamond

If color sparks your interest, consider a fancy colored diamond. Your fancy colored diamond can be natural or cultured (lab-created). Find out how the rarity of a fancy colored diamond really is within reach. Whether you’re looking for a natural diamond or a color enhanced diamond, your gem expert at Krikawa can help you find the diamond and the cut perfect for you.

Lab Created Diamonds

For the ultimate in eco-friendly diamonds, our lab-created diamonds are made by Pure Grown Diamonds, and are a sustainable, earth friendly option.  Optically and molecularly identical to an earth grown diamond, a lab created diamond is an earth conscious and a pocket conscious choice!  Email us today for a price quote on a lab-created diamond.  You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Diamond Price

Ready to find your diamond? You can do-it-yourself, and search loose diamonds in our diamond listing. You can find diamond prices in a full spectrum, and find the diamond that suits your budget. Or you can contact us by email, or with an old-fashioned phone call! Our diamond experts are friendly and ready to help you pick out the best diamond for your diamond engagement ring.
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