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Whether you know exactly what kind of diamond you want, or are just starting on the seemingly complicated journey of finding the perfect diamond to invest in, the online tools and expert stone consultants at Krikawa can help you find your perfect stone with the ultimate in peace of mind.
find your perfect diamond
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Why try to wade through the piles of online information when you can rely on our expert eyes to pick a diamond for you that has maximum fire and sparkle?

Diamond Search Tool 

Use the Diamond Search Tool If you know exactly what type of diamond you are looking for.
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Krikawa is connected at the core to a vast worldwide inventory of diamonds.  The Diamond Search Tool lists a curated collection of those diamonds.  If you don't see what you're looking for there, your design consultant can find it in the diamond interweb.

Search for your diamond on the Diamond Search Tool >

Stone Wizard Quiz

Let the Stone Wizard help you find your perfect diamond, step by step. 
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The wizard will ask you questions and educate you along the way.  This will help you discover your priorities when it comes to your special stone, and create clarity around what your perfect stone is. Try the Stone Wizard now >

Your Personal Diamond Concierge

Let one of our diamond experts help you select the diamond that is just right for you, your style and your budget. We understand the complexity of diamonds, and after making thousands of unique diamond rings, we know what looks good and how to help you find the best diamond.
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With the purchase of a diamond comes a whole host of mysteries, questions and misconceptions. At Krikawa, we’re not simply in the diamond business, we're honored to help you create the ring that represents your love.

You’ll receive our help in selecting a diamond that we’d pick for ourselves. From the rarest to the most conservatively priced stone, our experts will help you find the perfect diamond.

Ready to start working with one of our experts?  Email now or call 1-888-krikawa.

Diamond Education

While our design consultants are happy to help inform you about the best diamond for your investment, you can also do some research on your own.

In our diamond education section, you can discover everything you need to know about the 4 Cs: Cut, Color, Carat Weight, Clarity. Why does Krikawa recommend GIA Certified Diamonds? Learn why your white diamond should be certified by GIA or AGS.
diamond diagram
What diamond shape are you considering?  Want to see all the shape possibilities?  Click here to learn more about Diamond Shape.

Perfectly Cut FireMark Diamonds

If you are considering a princess cut or cushion cut diamond, you must check out the patented FireMark diamonds.  These are the most perfectly cut diamonds on the planet!
best cushion and princess cut diamonds
If your primary desire is fire, sparkle, scintillation and light return, then a FireMark diamond is definitely the choice for you.  Your Krikawa expert can help you pick the FireMark that's just right for you.  Read more >

Perfectly Matched Diamond Pairs

And if you are dreaming of a three stone engagement ring, our unique, unusual, and perfectly Matched Diamond Pairs will be for you.
perfectly matched diamond side stones
These aren't listed online, because your diamond pair will hand selected by your design consultant for the perfect size and shape to complement your center stone.  Read more >

Diamond Conscience (Krikawa's Fifth C)

As a member of the RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council), we uphold the standards, practices and ethics essential to the integrity of the jewelry industry. 
responsible jeweler
We were in the forefront of responsible practices in the early 2000's, when we introduced our Fifth C: Consciousness, and received the Ethic's award from the BBB. At the heart of everything we do is centered our beliefs around:
  • Ethics
  • Product disclosure
  • Key practices
  • Conflict free and the Kimberly Process
  • Independent verification  
You have options when it comes to responsible diamond choices.  Read more >

Fancy Colored Diamonds

If color sparks your interest, consider a fancy colored diamond. Krikawa is a provider of the finest fancy colored diamonds available.
Fancy colored diamonds

Your fancy colored diamond can be natural untreated, natural color enhanced, or cultured (lab-created). Find out how the rarity of a fancy colored diamond really is within reach. Your gem expert at Krikawa can help you find the fancy color diamond that is perfect for you. Read more >

Diamond Alternatives

Krikawa is a leader of Diamond Alternatives for engagement rings. We are your experts when it comes to what kind of alternatives to use, and we have an enormous database of eclectic and alternative stone choices.  Contact your design consultant to help you find the perfect unique and unusual engagement ring stone.
alternatives to diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds

For the ultimate in eco-friendly diamonds, our lab-created diamonds are are a sustainable, earth friendly option.  Optically and molecularly identical to an earth grown diamond, a lab created diamond is an earth conscious and a pocket conscious choice!  Email us today for a price quote on a lab-created diamond. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

What Diamond Will Sparkle in Her Eyes?

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