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Ocean Engagement Rings

For Love as Big as the Sea

ocean engagement rings
Choose an engagement ring depicting the majesty and grace of the ocean, realistically handcrafted with the precious metals and stones of your choice by Krikawa master goldsmiths. Browse our collection or contact us for your own made-to-order design.
  • Turtle Embrace Engagement Ring Turtle Embrace Engagement Ring - top view
    Turtle Embrace

    For as long as humans have walked the Earth, there have been turtles! Symbols of support, good fortune, and longevity, the turtle is said to bring 10,000 years of happiness. A perfect emblem for a lifetime of support and happiness as your begin your lives together!

  • Carved Wave Light Engagement Ring Carved Wave Light  Modern Bezel Set Engagement Ring - top view
    Carved Wave Light

    Similar to the sculptural form of the Carved Wave Engagement Ring, this version is simple yet elegant.

  • Dolphin Bridal Set Dolphin Bridal Set - top view
    Dolphin Bridal Set

    wedding band fits within the engagement ring. The back of the dolphin's head is lined with stones and there is a stone for each eye as well.

  • Extreme Wave Engagement Ring Extreme Wave Engagement Ring - top view
    Extreme Wave

    This sweeping, dramatic stunner is perfect for those who love a unique jewelry concept while retaining a classic feel.

  • Silver Surfer Engagement Ring Silver Surfer Engagement Ring - top view
    Silver Surfer

    Superhero-inspired, this custom handcrafted engagement ring features a sculpturally carved surfer cradling a glistening gemstone.

  • Seahorse Bridal Set Seahorse Bridal Set - top view
    Seahorse Bridal Set

    Love the symbolism and elegance behind the graceful seahorse? This bridal set features a simple solitaire engagement ring wrapped in the ornate embrace of a sculptural seahorse.

  • Carved Wave Light Engagement Ring Carved Wave Light Engagement Ring - top view
    Carved Wave Light with Diamonds

    A thin band swirls around the bezel in this asymmetrical engagement ring. Paved gemstones are set by the center stone.

  • Dolphin Kiss Engagement Ring Dolphin Kiss Engagement Ring - top view
    Dolphin Kiss

    Like a sunny day on the beach, this engagement ring brings out your most playful self.

  • Carved Wave Engagement Ring Carved Wave Engagement Ring - top view
    Carved Wave

    An organic flowing design, the Carved Wave Engagement Ring winds gracefully around your finger and around the diamond or gemstone in waves and eddies.

  • Dolphin Engagement Ring Dolphin Engagement Ring - top view

    This sculptural engagement ring shows a dolphin elegantly supporting a center diamond. The dolphin's head is decorated with a channel of diamonds, and its eyes are fancy color diamonds.

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