WHAT IS Mokume-Gane? 

The Unique Qualities of This Unusual Wood Grain Metal

Mokume gane (mow-koo-may gone-ay) is a laminated metal, made out of non-ferrous (no iron) metal. It is believed to have been first created about 300 years ago in Japan. At this time, Japanese sword making was the highest art form in the country, and mokume-gane was developed to decorate the hilt of the sword. Read more about the history of mokume here.  
mokume gane

How is mokume made?

True mokume gane is laminated together through the process of high heat and high pressure, where the layers are fused together. To start, sheets of precious metal in different colors are stacked together, like a stack of paper, in an extremely clean and laboratory like environment.

Then, the "billet" is placed, under extreme compression, in a kiln, in near-melt temperatures. The molecules have a grand time jumping around and they intermingle in-between the layers. In between every layer, an extremely thin third layer is formed, which is the eutectic bond between layers.

No solder is used. With a lot of skill, expertise, precision techniques, and a little prayer to the mokume god, a perfectly bonded billet is formed.

mokume matched wedding set

How is the wood-grain look created?

The resulting billet is then rolled out and forged, formed, twisted or ground down. Imagine taking that stack of paper, pushing it up from the bottom, then cutting the top point off; you would start to see concentric circles. That's what happens in a mokume billet.  

With Krikawa's labor intensive trademark patterning, the gorgeous grain of the metal is revealed in intricate lines, waves, and eddies. It truly is a wood grain metal.

If you were to take a Krikawa mokume ring, and start filing away at the mokume (do not try this at home!), you would continue to see the wood grain pattern, and it would change slightly as you go, just like as if you were filing away at a piece of wood.

mokume gane wedding bands

What are the different colors in the mokume?

Each billet we make at Krikawa is our unique formula of colored golds and sterling to create the very best color combinations.

The colors of gold are like a painter's palette to Lisa Krikawa, and she has formulated each particular "Flavor" to achieve the very best color contrast and working properties for a ring that you will adore for a lifetime.

The Art of the Krikawa Mokume Band

There is nothing like a Krikawa mokume ring.

Built from years of research and development, the mokume itself is a tribute to some of the finest metalsmiths in the industry. The wedding bands themselves are formulated in such a way that they can be stretched and compressed to adjust the size (with some limitations).

The pattern changes as the band turns, making these mokume rings alluring and captivating from all angles.  

Falling Water Mokume Bridal Set

World Class Mokume Engagement Rings

Krikawa is truly set apart as the world leader in mokume engagement rings. 

With Lisa's brilliant eye for capturing colors and her incredibly talented team of designers, modelers, and master jewelers, all with years of experience in engineering and sculpting these miniature sculptures to last a lifetime, this company has taken the art of mokume to a new level.

Your love is unique, and your ring should be too

You are a one of a kind, and your relationship is burnished by the test of time.

There is no better symbol on this planet, of a beautiful love blended together to last a lifetime, than an unbelievably stunning mokume engagement ring, made just for you in the forge of the Krikawa metalsmiths.

What Mokume Rings Tell Your Love Story?


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