Ornate Diamond Wedding Rings

Unique Designs Showcase Diamonds and Gemstones

Ornate Diamond Wedding Rings

Our collection of Ornate Diamond Wedding Rings showcase diamonds and accented gemstones in unique timeless designs. Fully customizable and handmade, these rings are made to order, unmatched in quality, and guaranteed to fit you perfectly. Discover your dream ring today with Krikawa!

  • Delicate Marquise And Round Wedding Band Delicate Marquise And Round Wedding Band - top view
    Delicate Marquise And Round

    This graceful wedding band design features brilliant diamonds in alternating shapes of marquise and round cuts.

  • Diamond Twist Wedding Band Diamond Twist Wedding Band - top view
    Diamond Twist

    Alternating shaped diamonds create an ebb and flow around this eternity style band.

  • Diamond Swirl Wedding Band Diamond Swirl Wedding Band - top view
    Diamond Swirl

    This elegant wedding band has repeating organic lines. Originally designed with the Mokume Swirl Engagement Ring.

  • Petite Scattered Bezel Diamond Wedding Band
    Petite Scattered Bezel Diamond

    This unusual diamond wedding band consists of scattered bezels in different sizes. Handmade in your preferred metal.

  • Modern Diamond Bezel Wedding Band Modern Diamond Bezel Wedding Band - top view
    Modern Diamond Bezel

    The diamonds in this modern wedding band are bezel-set, delineating them from one another. Imagine this sparkly wedding band with the diamond shapes and combinations of your choice!

  • Bezel & Bead Diamond Wedding Band Bezel & Bead Diamond Wedding Band - top view
    Bezel & Bead Diamond

    This wedding band is comprised of alternating diamond bezels and beads.

  • Carved Curls Wedding Band with Rails
    Carved Curls with Rails

    This wedding band has our sculptural carved curls motif, interspersed with gemstones. Rails on each side accentuate the ornate design.

  • Klimt Wedding Band 1 Klimt Wedding Band 1 - top view
    Klimt 1

    This artistic wedding band is based on the Gustav Klimt painting, "The Kiss." The ring is reminiscent of the Art Nouveau patterns and shapes in the original work of art.

  • Quatrefoil Wedding Band Quatrefoil Wedding Band - top view

    Like a gothic cathedral, this ring features ornamental quatrefoils beautifully engraved into the handcrafted band and accented with diamonds and beading.

  • Diamond Accented African Love Symbol Wedding Band
    Power of Love Symbol Diamond

    "Odo nnyew fie kwan"--"Love never loses its way home." The motif that makes up this unique wedding band is an Adinkra symbol from West Africa. Diamonds separate each symbol.

  • Curvy Diamond Wedding Band
    Curvy Diamond

    A wavy wedding band with flush-set diamonds or gemstones and a millegrained edge.

  • Pave Layered Crossover Wedding Band Pave Layered Crossover Wedding Band - top view
    Pave Layered Crossover

    Two seperate metals come together and crossover in this beautiful wedding band. You can choose one metal or two-tone.

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