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LOTUS SPIRIT Engagement Rings

Spiritual, Heart-Forward Designs for Conscious Lovers

Lotus Spirit Engagement Rings

The lotus is a symbol of purity and resilience. As a beautiful flower floats in a pond, its fragile petals bloom into a beacon of love. These flowers are resistant to a difficult environment and stay strong and beautiful. Like your love, it can feel out-of-body and vibrant. Design your perfect engagement ring to celebrate the loving relationship you treasure.

  • Open Lotus Mandala Engagement Ring Open Lotus Mandala Engagement Ring - top view
    Open Lotus Mandala

    This open lotus mandala design celebrates the peace you found with your partner. In Hinduism mantras, the lotus is a symbol of enlightenment.

  • Intertwining Snakes Engagement Ring Intertwining Snakes Engagement Ring - top view
    Intertwining Snakes

    A sculptural ring inspired by the practices of Hinduism. Each element is carefully constructed to represent symbolism.

  • Elegant Lotus Carved Curls Engagement Ring Elegant Lotus Carved Curls Engagement Ring - top view
    Elegant Lotus Carved Curls

    Our wider mokume gane ring design, adorned with accent diamonds, highlights the sculptural beauty of the lotus. Your favorite diamond or gemstone nestles within its delicate petals.

  • Mokume Lotus Blossom Engagement Ring Mokume Lotus Blossom Engagement Ring - top view
    Mokume Lotus Blossom

    A symbol of purity and devotion, the beautiful lotus blossom is a perfect token of your love and marriage.

  • Mountain Lotus Engagement Ring Mountain Lotus Engagement Ring - top view
    Mountain Lotus

    Lotus flowers remain resilient in rocky terrains while they stay pure and beautiful. Delicate petals of precious metal form a lotus-shaped halo.

  • Mandala Engagement Ring Mandala Engagement Ring - top view

    A beautiful symbol of the universe and unity, the mandala comes to life with the brilliant variety of gemstone and diamond shapes and sizes that make up the unique halo!

  • Lotus Bud Engagement Ring Lotus Bud Engagement Ring - top view
    Lotus Bud

    Spring will bloom for eternity with this floral engagement ring!

  • Heart Chakra Bridal Set Heart Chakra Bridal Set - top view
    Heart Chakra

    Heart Chakra Engagement Ring surrounds a round halo diamond engagement ring, creating a stunning Bridal Set.

A lotus grows out of muddy water setting its roots. The flower rises from the toxic environment and stays beautiful. Seen as a spiritual symbol, the flower stays enlightened regardless of its muddy setting. Seen as scared, it guides those who carry it through the troubles of the world. Other cultures see it as a resurrection or fresh start. A lotus blooms slowly, opening a single petal at a time. Seen as progress and how we start as a seed and then bloom into a beautiful flower.

The lotus flowers can showcase the love between people. Lovers grow and develop over the years, showcasing patience and care for each other. Gifting a lotus shows how one can be leading with their heart. A lotus shows desire and dedication to each other.

The symbolism of lotus flowers translates to engagement rings with vivid imagery. The ornate shape of the lotus petals makes a beautiful alternative to a classic halo. Center stones can vary as they can be beautiful in multiple stone colors or types. The options are limitless with customization. An engagement ring can have petals embellished with precious stones.

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