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Dragon Wedding Rings:

Fantasy-inspired Dragon Designs

 Scales, Magic and Mythical Creatures to Adorn Your Finger

Dragon Wedding Ring
The dragon speaks to wisdom and power, as the snake does primal life-forces, fertility and healing. From the sinuous curves of reptilian forms Yin and Yang appear, a balanced whole completed by two partners in love. Browse our collection of reptilian-inspired wedding rings, or contact us to create a custom design that perfectly reflects the strength and harmony of your love. Mix and match your wedding bands with a nature-inspired wedding band. All of Krikawa's rings are handcrafted by our master-goldsmiths, and made-to-order with your choice of stones and precious metals.

  • Dragon Ouroboros Wedding Band Dragon Ouroboros Wedding Band - top view
    Dragon Ouroboros

    This fantasy symbol ring has a dragon wrapped around the band, swallowing its own tail which symbolizes eternity.

  • Dragon Celtic Trinity Wedding Band Dragon Celtic Trinity Wedding Band - top view
    Dragon Celtic Trinity

    This truly unique wedding band has a dragon coming toward the center from either side. Each dragon has a stone for the eye. A single Celtic knot sits at the center of the band.

  • Dragon Scales Wedding Band Dragon Scales Wedding Band - top view
    Large Dragon Scales

    Are you a fan of dragons? Show that off with this scaley wedding band. Smooth dragon scales encircle the outside of the ring, while the inside is ribbed like these creatures' underbellies.

  • Dragon Wedding Band

    This cool ring has a dragon wrapped around the band, swallowing its own tail which symbolizes eternity. You can see the belly of the dragon from inside the ring!

  • Ouroboros Wedding Ring Ouroboros Wedding Ring - top view

    The ouroboros is an ancient symbol, used in many cultures. Our designer ouroboros ring has detailed scales and facial features.

  • Diamond Dragon Scales Wedding Band Diamond Dragon Scales Wedding Band - top view
    Diamond Dragon Scales

    A creature of legend and a symbol of power and strength, the dragon comes to life in this fantasy wedding band.

  • Scales Wedding Band
    Small Dragon Scales

    This edgy wedding band is inspired by reptile skin. Rows of intricate, sculpted scales wrap around the ring. The inside of the ring has ribbing like the animal's soft white underbelly.

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