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Mokume Gane Wedding Bands

Classic Bands with Mixed Metals

mokume gane wedding bands

These are the basic eight color combinations available from Krikawa Master Jewelers.  The classic mokume wedding band shown below can be customized with the liner color, edges, and finish of your desire! Click any image below to price in the size and color you desire!  Each ring is made to order just for you.
  • White Mokume Wedding Band
    White Mokume

    This mokume is made up of layers of 14k palladium white gold and sterling. The contrast shows up very nicely with a matte surface.

  • Champagne Mokume Wedding Band Champagne Mokume Wedding Band - top view
    Champagne Mokume Gane

    This is a three color mokume that is made up of layers of 18k rose gold, 14k palladium white gold and sterling. Customize its finish and pick the metal liner.

  • Winter Mokume Wedding Band
    Winter Mokume Gane

    This unique mokume combines 14 karat palladium white gold, 10 karat green gold and sterling. Best etched to delineate the contrast of metal colors.

  • Summer Mokume Wedding Band Summer Mokume Wedding Band - top view
    Summer Mokume

    Summer Mokume features swirled yellow and white golds and sterling silver for a rich yellow and medium gray contrast. This unique band is handmade for you.

  • Trigold Mokume Wedding Band
    Trigold Mokume Gane

    Rose, palladium white, and yellow gold are swirled for a unique and subtle Mokume Gane look on this handcrafted wedding band.

  • Autumn Mokume Wedding Band Autumn Mokume Wedding Band - top view
    Autumn Mokume

    This wood-grain metal is named for the colors it shares with falling leaves.

Amazing Mokume Wedding Bands


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