Classic Halo Engagement Rings

a ring of fire to enhance your diamond or sapphire

If a plain bezel does not suit you, or if you feel that your center stone is lonely, consider a halo of diamonds!  Diamond halos, whether channel-set or paved, give the illusion that the center diamond is larger.  Customize your ring with ideal cut diamonds or fancy color diamonds in the halo.  Choose a halo design for all that brilliance and fire!
  • Marquise Halo Pave

    Create your own beautiful engagement ring with a marquise shaped halo around your center stone and 0.38 carats of pave accent stones along the sides of your band.

  • Round Halo With Cathedral Pave

    Make your engagement truly your own by adding stones and metal of your choice in this round halo that goes around the center stone and pave engagement ring. This ring also includes a beautiful cathedral setting which can be seen from the front of the ring.

  • Pear Halo Pave

    A beautiful option for your future engagement ring, small stones line the band which lead up to the pear shaped 0.5 carat halo around the gorgeous center stone of your choice.

  • Regal Cushion Halo

    This unique ring has a round center stone with 0.75 carats of stones that create a cushion shaped halo around the center stone and a pave band. A small stone is also set in the cathedral opening between the pave band and cushion halo, which makes this ring even more elegant.

  • Double Round Halo Pave

    This engagement ring has two round halos that encircle a round center stone. The 0.63 carat diamond lined, pave, band add a little extra sparkle to this stunning ring and the cathedral setting is a beautiful look on this ring.

  • Princess Center & Asscher Halo Pave

    Feel beautiful with this engagement ring. A princess-cut stone is at the center of a 0.20 carat cushion shaped halo and pave band, which acts as the base of this ring.

  • Asscher Center & Cushion Halo Pave

    The cushion shaped halo and the band in this gorgeous ring are completely lined with 0.75 carats of small stones, giving it an extra sparkle aside from the asscher shaped center stone.

  • Secret Halo Pave

    The band in this beautiful ring is lined with 0.50 carats of small stones, including the secret halo that is tucked under the round center stone.

  • Double Cushion Halo Pave

    Two stone lined, cushion shaped halos encircle a cushion shaped center stone in this stunning ring. The stones don't stop there though, you can find more lined up along the band, totaling in 0.63 carats.

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