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Twist Wedding Bands

Two Become One

spiral stairs
What kind of twisted wedding band best represents your relationship? Two (or one!) metals of your choice are twisted together to form one brilliant piece. With our custom and made-to-order processes, anything is possible with Krikawa.

  • Channel Twist Wedding Band Channel Twist Wedding Band - top view
    Channel Twist

    Petite and elegant, this wedding band lightly twists together a plain metal band with a diamond channel band.

  • Tricolor Twist Wedding Band Tricolor Twist Wedding Band - top view
    Tricolor Twist

    Three distinct metals combine to form this modern wedding band with diamond accents.

  • Mokume Rolling Ring Mokume Rolling Ring - top view
    Mokume Rolling Ring

    Three separate bands are linked together to create this one ring. Choose three different metals, add a mokume band, keep it simple with the same metal

  • Twist Mens Two-Tone Wedding Band Twist Mens Two-Tone Wedding Band - top view
    Two-Tone Twist

    This spectacular two toned men's wedding band is an amazing feat of engineering.

  • Tight Twist Wedding Band Tight Twist Wedding Band - top view
    Tight Twisted

    This twisted wedding band is actually fabricated from two metals, not plated like commercial jewelry.

  • Tight Twisted Diamond Wedding Band Tight Twisted Diamond Wedding Band  - top view
    Tight Twisted Diamond

    This gorgeous two tone twisted wedding band is hand crafted from the two different metals of your choice. One side is paved in diamonds; which side will it be?

  • Tight Twist Double Diamond Wedding Band Tight Twist Double Diamond Wedding Band  - top view
    Tight Twisted Double Diamond

    A masterpiece of our jewelers, this two tone twisted wedding band is paved in diamonds. Small yet mighty, this gorgeous ring will delight and entrance you for a lifetime.

Millegrain Twist Wedding Band
    Millegrain Twist

    Hand-rolled millegrain detail flows across this spiral band.

Hand Forged Twist Wedding Band
    Hand Forged Twist

    Choose two metals to twist together in this hand forged design!

  • Twist Mens Wedding Band
    Wide Twist

    A gorgeous twisted mens band, the rope goes round and round without end.

  • Layered Crossover Wedding Band Layered Crossover Wedding Band - top view
    Layered Crossover

    Two bands cross forming this unique and unusual modern wedding band. Choose one or two precious metals to form your handcrafted ring.

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