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Unique & unusual Mokume Bands

curves & grooves, mountains and leaves

unique mokume rolling ring
Personalize your mokume wedding band with a meaningful flush inlaid pattern or symbol.  Or have your wedding band specifically shaped to fit next to your unique engagement ring.  We also offer unusual pieces like interlocking wedding bands.  The possibilities for a unique handmade ring are endless with seven mokume types, a variety of brilliant finishes, and Krikawa's custom and made-to-order process.
Vintage Mokume Wedding Band
    Vintage Mokume

    The beauty is in the details of this vintage style wedding band.

  • Tribal Mokume Wedding Band Tribal Mokume Wedding Band - top view
    Tribal Mokume

    Channel your inner warrior with this trial art wedding ring!

  • Mountain Mokume Wedding Band
    Mountain with Mokume Sky

    This artisan wedding band has an engraved mountain range, and a sky inlaid with mokume. Send us a picture of the mountains that have meaning for you!

  • Contoured Mokume Gane Wedding Ring
    Custom Contoured Mokume Gane

    This Mokume Gane Wedding Band is our contoured style. It will be made in the perfect contour for any engagement ring. Choose from different mokume combinations.

  • Angled Wave Wedding Band Angled Wave Wedding Band - top view
    Mokume Angled Wave

    This contoured mokume gane wedding band is designed to fit the Mokume Angled Wave Engagement Ring.

  • Mokume Rolling Ring Mokume Rolling Ring - top view
    Mokume Rolling Ring

    Three separate bands are linked together to create this one ring. Choose three different metals, add a mokume band, keep it simple with the same metal

  • Hand Engraved Mokume Wedding Band
    Hand Engraved Mokume

    This wood-grain metal wedding ring features a hand engraved, antique leaf pattern on the finger hole profile.

  • Etched Symbol Mokume Wedding Band Etched Symbol Mokume Wedding Band - top view
    Etched Symbol Mokume

    Customize a mokume wedding band with your family crest or other personal symbol!

  • Millegrained Mokume Wedding Band
    Millegrained Mokume

    This mokume wedding band has millegrained beads around its edges, as well as a groove.

  • Raised Emblem Mokume Wedding Band Raised Emblem Mokume Wedding Band - top view
    Raised Emblem Mokume

    In this mokume wedding band, an emblem is overlaid on a strip of metal. Diamonds are flush-set around the band.

  • Mokume Wedding Band with Hammered Rails
    Mokume with Hammered Rails

    This wedding band is inlaid with wood-grain metal and has raised, hammered edges.

  • Mokume Wave Wedding Band
    Mokume Wave

    This unusual wedding ring features mokume wrapping around one half of the band. The groove separating the plain metal from the wood-grain metal side ebbs and flows.

  • Cushion Shaped Mokume Band with Beveled Edges Cushion Shaped Mokume Band with Beveled Edges - top view
    Cushion Shaped Mokume Band with Beveled Edges

    This wood-grain wedding ring has soft corners and is still comfort-fit! The edges of the ring are beveled.

  • Tapered Mokume Wedding Band
    Tapered Mokume

    This mokume wedding band tapers towards the palm side, providing a more comfortable fit for larger widths.

  • Mokume Beveled Wedding Band
    Mokume Beveled

    This mokume wedding band has edges at an angle. Pick your mokume type and metal liner.

  • Mokume Wedding Band with Darkened Groove
    Mokume with Darkened Groove

    Get your groove on with this unique wedding band! A darkened groove separates the mokume gane from the precious metal liner.

  • Wavy Mokume Wedding Band
    Wavy Mokume

    This unusual mokume wedding band is strongly contoured.

  • Mokume Wedding Band with Flush Stripe
    Mokume with Flush Stripe

    This wedding band is similar to our traditional mokume bands, but with the addition of a flush inlaid stripe around the ring. Width shown is 9 mm.

  • Mokume Block Wedding Band Mokume Block Wedding Band - top view
    Mokume Block

    This custom band is inlaid with White mokume and jade. The vivid color of the jade is a beautiful contrast to the subtle tones of the mokume.

  • Mokume Puzzle Ring
    Mokume Puzzle Ring #1

    Two bands combine to form a handsome and unusual puzzle ring. Etched mokume and a high-polished band add a unique contrast to this handmade ring.

  • Mokume Symbol Wedding Band
    Mokume Symbol

    This mokume wedding band is inlaid with a family crest symbol.

  • Mokume Framed Symbol Wedding Band
    Mokume Framed Symbol

    This mokume wedding band is inlaid with a Tree of Life symbol and framed in with rose gold. Please inquire for pricing for other symbols.

Amazing Mokume Wedding Bands


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