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Mokume-gane rings

The Perfect Symbol of Marriage

You and your beloved, melted together in swirls of color.
The story told by mokume-gane: "woodgrain-metal."
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mokume gane wedding set
An ancient Japanese technique of forging and folding metals together;
mokume-gane is the precious metal version
of the Damascus blade of a Samurai sword. 
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Create Your Own Dream Ring in Mokume:

Mokume Engagement Ring Collection

Mokume Engagement Rings

The pies de resistance for your engagement ring. The mokume band traces the profile of the ring adding color, depth, and creativity. Browse the many styles and see how mokume can pair with your style of engagement ring.
Mokume Wedding Rings

Mokume Wedding Rings

Wedding Bands enhanced with a mokume pattern. Choose between metal color, mokume gane flavor, and ring profile. The design evolves as your romantic journey grows.

What Mokume Rings Tell Your Love Story?

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green sapphire diamond mokume wedding set
Each Krikawa mokume gane band is made to order.
Let your Krikawa design consultant guide you down the path
to the perfect mokume ring, or explore and design your own.
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Each mokume gane is truly unique - no two are the same.
Made with a very detailed and time-consuming process,
multiple metals are folded to create a beautiful design.
Each flavor has its selection of metals and is folded, hammered,
and refined to create this stunning organic pattern. Learn more about each flavor

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