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First and foremost, the engagement ring has been a smashing success. It's been a treat to see the girly side of my normally level-headed, non-girly, nursing-student girlfriend. So, thank you very much on that account. I'm very pleased. Thanks again for all of your help so far.

- James Watriss
Arlington, MA



Immerse yourself in the most amazing alternative metals available: Mokume Gane, Metorite and Damascus Steel.  Find a comprehensive collection of alternative metal wedding rings here!

Mokume Wedding Rings

Mokume-Gane Wedding Rings

This is the perfect Marriage of Metal to represent the blending of your unique personalities into a union of love.

A Japanese technique, mokume gane creates a "wood-grain" look by laminating together different colors of precious metal.  Rose gold, white gold and yellow gold swirl together to create a tapestry of delight. 

This subtle and intricate play of color creates an interesting wedding band that is unique and always one-of-a-kind.

DAMASCUS STEEL WEDDING RINGSDamascus Steel Wedding Bands by Lashbrook

Damascus steel is a marriage of different kinds of steel.  The metal is folded and forged and formed to create swirling patterns.  Made of solid steel, a Damascus Wedding Band is a great choice for a very hard and durable wedding band


Originally created in the Middle East over 2000 years ago, Damascus steel is famous for its use in sword blades.  Many legends are told of the ability of a Damascus blade to cut through a rifle barrel or cut a hair in half lengthwise.

Your Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

Each ring is made to order, just like every other wedding band we offer.  Pick your pattern, shape, design, size and width, and your Damascus wedding ring will be made just for you!

Handcrafted in the USA

After you select your design or design a custom damascus wedding band with one of our designers, your ring will be handcrafted by Lashbrook in Utah.  Each ring is made one at a time and is completely one of a kind.


Meteorite Wedding Rings

meteorite wedding bandIs your relationship Out Of This World?  Then perhaps you should consider a meteorite wedding ring.  Made from Gibeon Metoritie, each ring is completely unique.  

Choose your liner metal, design and width for a ring that is totally far-out!

Handcrafted in the USA

Work with our design experts to create a meteorite wedding band that suits you best.  Each band is made to your specifications by Lashbrook in Utah.

Express your Stellar Self with a Meteorite Wedding Band!

Shop Meteorite Wedding Bands now.  Don't see what you are imagining?  Contact one of our design specialsts to get a quote on your unique design.