Mokume Gane Rings: Wood Grain Metal

Luxury Wedding Bands Made with an ancient Japanese technique

Mokume Wedding Rings

Mokume-Gane Wedding Rings
By Krikawa

This is the perfect Marriage of Metal to represent the blending of your unique personalities into a union of love.

A Japanese technique, mokume gane creates a "wood-grain" look by laminating together different colors of precious metal.  Rose gold, white gold and yellow gold swirl together to create a tapestry of delight. This subtle and intricate play of color creates an interesting wedding band that is unique and always one-of-a-kind.

mokume engagement ringMOKUME-GANE engagement RINGS

The finest mokume engagement rings come from the studio at Krikawa.  As a specialist in mokume gane engagement rings, Krikawa has made over a thousand unique mokume engagement rings, and has refined the designs and the offerings to only the best materials, techniques, and aethetics available.

With our cutting edge process of one-of-a-kind, made to order mokume rings, you can be sure that your stones, your metals, and your final design will come together in a breathtaking work of art.

The best symbol of your committment to each other with the most unique engagement rings available, a mokume engagement ring will be a treasure for a lifetime.

Luxury Mokume Gane Engagement Rings

Luxury Mokume Engagement RingsFor the ultimate Krikawa engagement ring, browse our signature Juicy Collection.  Your own special Juicy will be hand made to order just for you, in the colors and stones you select.

Whether you go with an all white version, or incorporate sapphires or fancy colored diamonds, your sensual Juicy engagement ring will be in a luxury class all it's own.

pink juicy engagement ring



For the very best, select your perfect diamond or sapphire, and put the master craftsmen at Krikawa to work on your work of art.

Your love is unique.  Your ring should be too.


DAMASCUS STEEL WEDDING RINGSDamascus Steel Wedding Bands by Lashbrook

Damascus steel is a marriage of different kinds of steel.  The metal is folded and forged and formed to create swirling patterns.  Made of solid steel, a Damascus Wedding Band is a great choice for a very hard and durable wedding band


Originally created in the Middle East over 2000 years ago, Damascus steel is famous for its use in sword blades.  Many legends are told of the ability of a Damascus blade to cut through a rifle barrel or cut a hair in half lengthwise.

Your Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

Each ring is made to order, just like every other wedding band we offer.  Pick your pattern, shape, design, size and width, and your Damascus wedding ring will be made just for you!

Handcrafted in the USA

After you select your design or design a custom damascus wedding band with one of our designers, your ring will be handcrafted by Lashbrook in Utah.  Each ring is made one at a time and is completely one of a kind.