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Nature Wedding Band Collection
The sounds of nature can almost be heard in these artistically crafted nature wedding rings. From leaves to vines, bark to trees, choose the nature wedding band style that suits you best. Pick your ring size and desired width, the precious metal color of your choice, and your accent stone colors, and our talented goldsmiths will create your ring just for you.

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Tree Wedding Bands

Tree Wedding Bands

Symbols of strength, a fresh start, and a bright future, this collection of tree wedding bands captures the intricacies and beauty of nature. The natural elements of the tree branches intertwine in a beautiful pattern. 
Mountain Wedding Bands

Mountain Wedding Bands

Love the natural majesty of the mountains? Choose your favorite mountain range and we will hand-carve it into your wedding ring! The details of these nature-influenced landscapes include mountains, forests, deserts, and ocean scapes. 
Floral and Flower Wedding Bands

Floral & Flower Wedding Bands  

Nature blossoms and your love bloom with these feminine wedding bands. These unique wedding rings include budding flowers to fully-bloomed roses. Perfect for any nature lover with a touch of sweetness. 
Delicate Vine and Leaf Wedding Rings

Delicate Vine & Leaf Wedding Rings

Organic curves and elements take the spotlight in this collection. Combine them with sparkling diamonds or gemstones for a luxurious, natural design.
Leaf and Vine Wedding Rings

Leaf & Vine Wedding Rings

Beautiful symbols of eternal love, growth, and transition, these wedding bands are wrapped in flowing vines and beautifully textured leaves. The foliage motifs layer on these rings resembles a picture-perfect forest landscape.
Ocean Wedding Rings

Ocean Wedding Rings

Capture the relaxing sound of the waves, the breeze in the palm trees, and the soft sand beneath your feet. The aquatic designs are perfect for a nature-inspired wedding band. 

Nature-Inspired Wedding Bands

Customize your own nature wedding band. Our friendly design team can take your favorite elements and create a custom and unique wedding ring. Your nature-inspired wedding ring can celebrate the beautiful memories created between your partner! 

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