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Landscape and Animal Wedding Bands

Mountains, Cities, Animals... What Journey Have You Shared?

Landscape and Wildlife Wedding Band
The most unique wedding band is one that tells your love story. Perhaps it is the journey you've taken together, the places you love, or the animals that light your spirit.  Whatever it is for you, let Krikawa custom make it with stunning details. 

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Journey Wedding Rings

Landscape Journey Wedding Bands

For the ultimate wedding ring, tell your unique love story. Create a diorama of how you met, where you proposed, and other magical memories. Our design team invests in your story as we create your own Journey Wedding Band.

Wildlife Wedding Rings

 Mountain Wedding Band

From the sharp peaks of the Rockies to the rolling Appalachians, the Ozarks to the Cascades, mountains embody our most vivid travels and adventures, the geography of our hearts and minds. At Krikawa, we recreate your favorite mountains in stunning detail, engraved onto your handcrafted wedding ring. With our unique custom and made-to-order processes, you can choose the mountain imagery that speaks to you most.

Wildlife Wedding Rings

Ocean Beach Wedding Bands

Choose a band inspired by the natural forms of the ocean that convey movement and flow.  Browse our collection or contact us for your own made-to-order design. Each ring is custom-made in your metal and width preference.

Wildlife Wedding Rings

Wildlife Wedding Rings 

From birds to wolves, insects, and bears... what wildlife speaks to you? Create your own unique wildlife wedding bands with the stunning artistry of Krikawa Custom Jewelers. Start with your idea for an animal, bird or insect, and work with our talented designers to create the perfect wedding ring or wedding band set.  Each ring is custom-made to order, so the sky- or the land or the water - is the limit!

Wildlife Wedding Rings

Dragon Wedding Rings

The dragon speaks to wisdom and power, as the snake does primal life-forces, fertility and healing. From the sinuous curves of reptilian forms Yin and Yang appear, a balanced whole completed by two partners in love. Browse our collection of reptilian-inspired wedding rings, or contact us to create a custom design that perfectly reflects the strength and harmony of your love. Mix and match your wedding bands with a nature-inspired wedding band. All of Krikawa's rings are handcrafted by our master-goldsmiths, and made-to-order with your choice of stones and precious metals.

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